Sorry I've been away so long

Hi everyone not had any internet and this year due to our lousy weather had one chest infection after a another followed by an on going cold and throat infection! It's all left me shattered just tired all the time. Jist wanted to say I've missed u all and will try and be on more although only have a mobile at the moment after a run in with sky hiking up prices and add ons I don't use!

Hope everyone's keeping well x

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  • Welcome back June! Sorry to hear you are not well.Hope you get your Internet back on.

    Mobiles are better than nothing anyway!

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Hope to be back on next wk has been pain as its so slow with just mobile x

  • welcome back sorry to hear you've been unwell. Mobile internet is not the same as PC/laptop as you say and the download allowance is much less, hope you get ity sorted out soon

  • Hello June, hope your soon OK with everything we look forward to your next blog.

    Lib x

  • Thank u all for your kind comoments should b blue to normal soon whatever that is lol

  • Nice to see you back June

    Keep smiling


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