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My Work Capability Test Tribunal Hearing

Well you heavy breathers [dial a wrong number and the recipient thinks you're a perv!] it's my time for the big Tribunal Hearing; which the DWP knows it's going to win by default - ergo, lying.

Yes, next Thursday 2nd May at 4 p.m. I'm going to be grilled about my illnesses, and if I've really got what the medical profession tells me I have, or what the Atos nursey tells me what I have. I know I'm goosed, and have been for some years now, but the government wants to save some cash for sending to third-world countries who need it, so who are we to stand in their way? I don't recieve DLA or any other benefit, just the basic amount as most of us do, which truthfully, isn't a great deal yet means the difference between freezing to death during winter or staying warm for a couple of hours per day. When my benefit goes, then next winter might see me going also.

Okay, next Thursday. I've always been an open and truthful person, and though it could be my downfall, I refuse point blank to allow myself to be turned into a liar because of the government. I'm a genuine claimant. I don't need to lie about my condition. I don't need to fabricate and make my illnesses worse than they are. And thus I'm going to be honest to those that judge me, and trust that the truth will win the day. That's it...

I'll update the facts when my case has been decided. God bless you all, and have faith in relying on the truth.

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Good luck on your battle .... I hope you win, sadly though the onus is on you to prove as you say that you are ill and not a fake. Make sure you are represented and that you take all relevant documents with you.


Shall be thinking of you next thursday Tom and do hope that the hearing will go in your favour .

Let us know of the outcome,

Lovelight x

Hi Tom

Good luck for your Hearing and I hope that all goes well and that you are in front of some understanding people on the day.



Hi Tom

Like my old dad used to say, "If you tell a lie somewhere down the road it will jump up and bite you on the a**e" Just tell them straight and to hell with them. Best of luck mate. Bob.

Good luck Tom, tell the truth and shame the devil. All the best on the day x x

The truth will always out and next winter will be much better.

Good luck :-)

Good luck Tom. I had to go to a tribunal a couple of years ago as atos found me fit to work.it is supposed to be independant from the DWP. I won my case fortunately, but tell them how you are on a bad day, and how this affects you.

Hi tomscribe

Good luck with the hearing - if you would like to go through any information then justt give us a call on 03000 030 555.



Keep smiling ,the truth always wins in the end.

Had an interview on Tuesday for my ESA.

Seems I am in the support needed to return to work group.

Explained I had mod/severe COPD and heart failure after my third set of stents failed.

Had seen my GP the week before who told me to tell them, I would need a Heart & Lung transplant to be fit to back to work.

The lady thought it was amusing and told me I should appeal their decision if I thought it was wrong.

I explained I was out of time for that and it was their mistake and not mine.

"I will see you again in 6 months" was her response.

Do they actually give a hoot about those that really need help, or is it just a case of getting people off benefits regardless.

Best of luck mate and just tell them like its is.

Hi Tom. you don't say what level your COPD is? When were you diagnosed? Is it mild, moderate or severe? Did you have any help filling in the claim form - CAB? Is this your first claim?


Hi Tom, all I can say is you don't need to lie and I agree you have to be as honest as you can and tell them about how your illnes on your worst days effect you. I had 2 tribunals one for E.S.A and one for D.L.A and failed them both but aftermy consultant and my GP had got involved, including an occupational theropist, I finally recieved recognitian of my illnesses, yes I have 4 of them. So now I am in the suppot group on ESA and I also get DLA as well. Now currently waiting for my wet room to be fitted and I got a mobility scooter which I only use on bad days. So stay strong and don;t give up, it took me 3 years. Best of luck hun.

Lynda. :-)

Tom, good luck for today, keeping my fingers crossed for you

I send you all my sincerest thanks for your support and encouragement which has been of great help. Unfortunately, I lost my appeal at the tribunal hearing, though I was awarded 6 points for not being able to mobilise more than 200 metres without stopping to catch my breath - on a good day; sometimes the distance is much less. Righto, I'm off to write a new blog on my tribunal hearing, which may make interesting reading to those awaiting appeals. Once again, thank you all.

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