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ICD implant and trapped phrenic nerve

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9 months ago I posted re spasms I suffered when lying on my side and I was surprised to find that nobody else seemed to experience these after having an ICD fitted. Repeated questions to my GP and other NHS professionals were ignored and no one seemed willing to help. Finally I got a cardiac nurse on “ a good day” ( her expression, not mine) and she referred me to the ICD monitoring department.

Today I drove 2 hours only to find their equipment had broken down and they could not see me. Luckily they said I could drive another hour to a different hospital to be seen. The upshot was that one of the leads to my ICD was causing the spasms in my phrenic nerve. The technician afterwards disclosed that she had sixteen possible alternatives and succeeded on the thirteenth one…Hopefully the spasms will no longer occur but I must wait to see.

I am very grateful I managed to get treated but why is it so hard to get the medical profession to listen. Apparently this condition is not common but does occur occasionally.

Now I have to try and convince someone to take seriously the pins and needles in my ankles.Don’t hold your breath…

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Well done for persisting.... Should not be like that.

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