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High blood pressure

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So i have just had my annual diabetic checks i'm already on 5mg of ramipril and 5 of amlodipine when they checked by blood pressure i was shock to find out it was 200/104 they have now upped my ramipril to 10mg been taking for a couple of days and it's hardly come down at all starting to panic a little i exercise daily with now problems or shortness of breath and have no pains anyone had any similar experience

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Have they not added anything else, I would have thought the introduction of a beta blocker would help - please note I don't have any medical training so could be talking rubbish.

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mike2002 in reply to shopman

I love your honesty 😀

Yes me too. BP through the roof, one year after AVC. Doc upped ramipril to 10mg .No improvement for ten days, but now its easing.

I find it hard to relax during the lockdown, but i take myself off to a quiet place and concentrate, this helps.

No idea why the stress level is so high. Bad thing is that i am due for cataract ops and hospital say they wont operate if my BP is so high.

So we both need some proper relaxation. I am using my tinnitus relaxer, which does work well.


Hi black cat sooty do you mind me asking what your tinnitus relaxer is? My husband suffers with it and I feel helpless not helping him in anyway we have tried the usual things he has his hearing aids in most of the time but it’s rare he gets a break from it - glad your doing well with the BP I have issues with mine I panicked a few weeks ago had high reading it seems to be behaving now fingers crossed for both of us take care 😊

Dear Retirement 65My tinnitus relaxer is a plastic globe. I can select from a choice of pleasing sounds and i opt for waves on the beach. It will play this relaxing sound and it has white noise in the background. I select the option to play for thirty minutes then it turns itself off. I do not have tinnitus, thank goodness, but this little machine gets me off to sleep and, during the day, it will relax me if i have it running beside me.

Cost about £35. Runs on batteries, but i soon bought the plug in adaptor as it used batteries quite rapidly.

My friend has tinnitus and she told me about a tinnitus relaxer. She uses sound eliminating headphones, which gets her away from her tinnitus. She has the very good headphones, which cost a lot. She was involved in a tram crash and she spent some of her compensation monies on the headphones. I tried them and they are amazing. Think they might be Bose.

My relaxer has done the trick for night time sleep. And its an aid to enforce daytime relaxing, which i find hard as there is so much to do in a day.

My problems emanate from a stroke five years ago. Not helped by AVR one year ago !

I think summer hath arrived


Oh thank you so much for getting back to me anything we can try will be great will certainly get onto this in the meantime take care I’m glad it’s helping you to relax which to be fair is what it’s all about enjoy the sunshine 😎

i went in for my pre op for cataract surgery on my left eye in feb 2020 i already had my right eye done,ny bp was too high and without telling me removed me from the waiting list,my bp is under control now and i have been put back on as an urgent case its been a nightmare

Thats terrible. Sometime in 2020 there was a fundamental change in booking procedure. Before, your optician, if suitably qualified, would book on your behalf. But that changed and you are now required to book yourself online. A new admin office was set up in Henley on Thames. Opticians were not notified, and surprise surprise you cant get through to the Henley offices.

My situation worsened because the eye wing at the hospital was used to deal with covid jabs. To be fair, my cancelled appointment eventually materialized. But my BP will not permit the operation. If only i had gone private this would have been sorted a year ago.


Do you take the ramipril in the morning and the amlodipene at night? GPS often forget that very important little gem of information...

My GP advised both at night, out of interest and I am still learning why do you take ramipril in the morning and amlodopine at night?

When i had the HA, I was taking them both together. The consultant advised ramipril should be am and amlodipene pm. My bp came down almost immediately.

What the consultant later told me is that the effects wear off throughout the day and taken this way the drugs work together much better.

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Retroluxer in reply to Snoweybm

Hmmm that’s the exact opposite of what i have been told. I take the amlodipine in the morning and Ramipril at night. I might try swapping them round and see what effect, if any that has.

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mike2002 in reply to Snoweybm

That’s strange. I was told to take Amlodipine in the morning and Ramipril in the evening.I no longer take Amlodipine at all as I felt it achieved nothing in my case and the cardiologist agreed. Still take Ramipril after 6.00pm.

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Retroluxer in reply to mike2002

It seems a bit hit and miss

Thank you for your reply.

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