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Landed myself on the cardiac unit with a broken arm!!!


Hi friends feeling a bit low. Out walking my cockapoo in a forest park yesterday and slipped on ice and completely shattered left arm! Stretchered off in ambulance to resus no less. Going to need a complex operation tomorrow to fix however worried about the anaesthetic and my heart valve disease! Worried but sure there’s no alternative the bone is at a right angle and has to be fixed🙈. They have me on the cardiac unit so am in the right place, please keep me in your prayers if you are that way inclined and if not thanks anyway for the space to share my anxiety....

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Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.

Meatless in reply to Mirador19

Thank you all so much for your comments ,best wishes and for sharing your own experiences with me, much appreciated x.

Oh my goodness that’s awful, you will be in my prayers being on the cardio ward is fine you know they will be taking extra special care of you. It’s so easy to fall at the moment, I went out with the bins this morning it didn’t look slippery but it was !Let us know how you are when you can,

Sending you best wishes


Oh no! That's not good.

I suspect that a lot of people with heart valve problems need operations so the hospital team will know how to handle that with an anasthetic, especially as you're on a cardac ward.

Waiting for broken bones to heal can be tedious (broke my wrist just over a year ago) but it is usually a well defined time frame.

Ironically, I've recently been walking instead of running to try and reduce the risk of breaking anything.

Prayer and good vibes coming right at you ! Best of luck be safe

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for a very successful op and recovery.

I hurt in empathy (March 2016, wrecked everything in my dominant arm from fingers to collarbone, breaks and dislocations - ouchie does not cover the 'discomfort' of a shattered wing!). Hopefully you're not left-handed.

Good to know they've got you on the cardiac ward, though.

🙏 🍀

Oh no!!!!! That’s awful, you must be so worried and in so much pain 🤗

You’re in the best ward to be kept a close eye on, warm hugs from me. Let us know how you get on, good luck with the op 🤗🤗 x

Thinking of you. I am glad you are being well taken care of. Hope they have your pain under control!

Oh love, how awful. I'm sure it will all go well and it's a good thing you are on the Cardiac ward as a precaution. Although a wintry wonderland looks lovely it's not without risk. I've seen some take nasty tumbles. Do let us know how things go x

Best wishes for tomorrow x

Oh no, ouch!!! 😞Poor you, sounds so painful, will be thinking of you tomorrow, wishing you well, they will look after you, 🙏 xxx

Meatless in reply to Magicfairy

Thanks Magicfairy xx

Poor you! Sending 🤗 The very best of luck for tomorrow

Let us know how you get on.

Thank you UnderMilkWood will do

I'm sorry to hear that, I pray all goes well for you and don't stress your in safe hands.

Oh no Meatless, 2021 isn't turning out to be too good for you, hope all goes well for the operation. You will be in good hands on the cardio ward. My prayers and thoughts are with you.Ruth

🤞 for you,

Good luck, today x

Take care and your come out with a bionic arm hopefully x

Ouch! Hope your heart is coping & behaving. I'm sure they wil look after you well. Sending healing thoughts & best wishes x

Oh dear, not good! Hope everything goes well today. Jane

Oh no, I hope the operation goes well, and you have a quick recovery. All the best x

You poor soul. Thinking of you xxx

Good luck with the op.

Good luck for tomorrow 🙏🙏

How are you today, hope your surgery went well, thinking of you, I hope you can manage at home ok when you get home, love to be able to look after you to recover but sadly not in these times 🤗🤗 x

Hope all goes well

You will be good. My right arm has titanium rod in it following a car cash. As long as the gas man knows about your cardiac problems you will be sorted out without any problems.

Good luck.

Dear Meatless so sorry you have had to go through all that and wishing you good healing.

How awful for you! Sending kind thoughts and prayers and wishing you a speedy recovery. 💐💐

Good luck

Thinking of you, loads of hugs 🤗 xx

Meatless in reply to Fluffybee

Hi fluffybee so so kind of you and all my heart friends on here to be supporting me. I got out of hospital tonight. My heart rate has gone up to 105 bpm since the surgery on Wednesday andd st my usual resting is 60bpm so hope that’s gonna settle as I’m still on morphine etc.... our medics are unbelievable in hospital at the minute so big shout out of thanks to them all for scraping me off the pavement🥰thanks a million hearties xxx

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