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Hi I had 3 stents fitted last Friday I am 54, my question is I am so tired and my head sometimes feels muzzy I'm due to start a new job next Thursday and I'm worried its too soon, cant get to speak to GP also worried the pharmacist said 80g of statin is very high and could lead to memory loss and muscle pain, has anybody any advice ?


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I assume you've been put on a few other medicines apart from the statin, if you have it takes a while for you body to adjust to these medicines. Starting a new job can be quite stressful, if it were me I'd be inclined to got the doctor to sign me off work for a couple of weeks.

I'm not aware of statins being blamed for memory loss, although muscle pain is a side effect of taking them, but can diminish once your body becomes used to them.

Here's a link to the NHS webpage on the subject:-


Spiritoffloyd thank you for your reply yes im on 4 other meds and thank you for the link

Hi Sorc, I agree with Spirit of Floyd. Try get a letter to sign you off for a bit longer before you start new job. I'm sure you were looking forward to this new venture but your health and life are more important at the moment. I had two stents a year ago at 65 so didn't have to worry about going back to a job but you certainly need time to adjust to the meds. I haven't heard about memory loss on the statins either, muscle achiness can be a problem to some. For me they reduced down to 40mg statins after around 2 months, hat helped but it was mainly the effect on my digestive system that caused me more problems and thankfully wasn't from stents at all. So you have a lot of adjusting for your body to get used to but you will be fine. Take it steady each day, activity and rest until you find you can comfortably do what you used to do once again but not overdoing it. All the best Heather

Sorc in reply to Zemer

Thank you Zemer

Hi Sorc

I also had 3 stents at 57. I noticed that the Bisoprolol slowed me down so came off it after a month and felt loads better, but I also have low blood pressure anyway. I take Astorvastatin and have noticed a few aches and pains but put that down to old age. Never heard of it causing memory loss. My recovery has been enabled through eating nutritious food, exercising and slowing down a bit. Hope you can get to your GP to discuss. Good luck

Sorc in reply to pauljameshome

Thank you

Sorc agree with all posts my advice would be to change your pharmacy. Not a thing they should be saying. Keep trying to talk with your GP. Going back to work next week maybe a little to soon.

Good luck

Sorc in reply to gilreid1

Thanks for the reply guess I should re evaluate the work situation

Sorc in reply to Sorc

And Pharmacist

JennyRx in reply to gilreid1

As a pharmacist I’m shocked by this. I would certainly ensure that possible side effects were explained properly and not scare monger patients. I would also respect the prescribing of meds by a professional and not imply the dose was too high especially without any context I’m on 80mg myself as I have high lp(a) as well ischaemic heart disease and I’m happy to take them. I take CoQ10 that can counter some of the muscle issues.

So on World Pharmacist Day I apologise on behalf of my profession for very unprofessional advice.

just echoing all of the comments here.

I myself had 2 stents fitted in Feb 2020 and it has taken until now to get to grips with the physical and mental impact of what happened but am now feeling pretty good.

I am not trying to scare or unnerve you but your body has been through a significant trauma and needs a combination of time and medication to recover.

Because you have had stents fitted, you probably don’t have a major scare to heal, but please don’t underestimate the internal bruising etc that has happened as a result of your procedure.

So if I were you I would ask your GP to sign you off for a few weeks and then ask your new employer to let you start work on a phased basis after that (starting maybe 2 days in week one, and then building up to 5 days by the end of a month).

In the meantime keep taking the meds and allow 2-3 months for your body to adjust to them. If you are still experiencing any side effects after that, then ask for a meds review with your Cardiac Consultant as in my personal experience, my GP would not alter my meds without the Consultants approval.

Hope this helps and good luck.

It will take time, but you will get there!

Sorc in reply to DCIHarry

Thank you for your reply, you've definitely given me food for thought it never crossed my mind about bruising internally I just focused on the ones I could see on my arms/ hands ect. I'm going to try and get to see my GP on Monday and take it from there

DCIHarry in reply to Sorc

No problem.

BTW both the cardiac team and your GP should have recommended that you participate in a formal Cardiac Rehab Programme at the time you were discharged from hospital.

If they didn't, then you must ask to be put on one. They should also be recommending you do not start work until you have completed that programme.

The challenge you will face right now is that the programme is delivered face to face in hospital and as a result of COVID, most of them have been suspended. So it is a little tricky.

Nevertheless, once you are on the programme, you should be able to talk to your local Community Cardiac Nurses (who run this and tend to be FANTASTIC), who will definitely be able to talk to you over the phone and help you to adjust to your "new normal".

Hi Sorc. I had 2 stents fitted in March. I am also on 80 mg of statins. Definitely takes time to get used to medication/recover from procedure and come to terms mentally with new situation. Agree with others that starting a new job would seem to be a big ask at the moment - I was fortunate to be able to do phased return to job I have done for years but certainly felt tired at first. Have tried to do what others have in eating better/increased exercise and trying to avoid unecessary stress.

Sorc in reply to Fulllife

Hi thanks for your reply guess I'm going to have to take it slowly, I'll definitely have a look at that group

Hi Sorc,

I had memory loss while on Statins Plus other nasty side effects.

I think your pharmacist is right in warning you.

Statins don’t suit everyone.

Please do your own research.

Facebook Stopped our Statins.

Good luck in your recovery.

Welcome to the club. A lot depends on why you had the stents fitted? If it was an emergency following a heart attack it may be several months before you are fit enough to return to work.. I was off for about 6 weeks before I started a phased return following my h.a and 3 stents being fitted.

Fitter than before now as I’ve lost weight and bp is under better control from more exercise.

You have to be lead on this by your cardiac team and gp I’m on 80mg of Atorvastatin but luckily haven’t noticed any side effects.

Do you have any contact numbers for the cardiac team where you had your stents fitted?

Good luck with the recovery.

Thank you for your reply very helpful 🖒

Welcome to the stent club !!

My HA April this year and one stent .

It has take 6 months for me to fully recover from mental and physical aspects of having a HA

I am fine now but took little steps .

I personally think you need more time off before you start your new job .

Best of luck x

Sorc in reply to EmmyLaury12

Thank you Emmy for your reply

Hi in February 2019 I was diagnosed with angina went into hospital on the Friday for angiogram had 4 stents fitted kept me in over night went home in the Saturday went back to work the following monday.

I'm tanking asperin, clopidogrel, bisoprolol and 80mg atovastatin I do get muscle pain sometimes but feel tired a lot but it does get better as time goes and you get used to it mentally and physically

Sorc in reply to Danny462

Thanks Danny great to hear people getting their lives back to some kind of normality

Hi, It took me about a week after having a stent to feel I was back to normal so by next week you may feel much better. I am also on 80mgs of Atorvastatin and have been for over a year now. I may be lucky but I have had no side effects from them at all and have never heard of anyone having memory loss. In my opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and I think it was rather irresponsible of your Pharmacist to say that to you. I would think your Consultant knows a bit more about than the Pharmacist. If you have any worries I would contact your Doctor to discuss but I wouldn't worry.

Good luck

Sorc in reply to Liquidlunch

Thank you for your reply, I have just spoke to the Cardiac Nurse and feel more assured

Hi Sorc. I think it's all been said. All I can throw into the mix is that my husband is on 80mg Atorvastatin and has had no ill effects in the 2 years he's been taking them.

Good luck with your new job when you manage to get there.

All the very best xxx

Sorc in reply to Handel

Thankyou Handel for your Good Wishes x

Hi Sorc

Welcome to the club. I was 62 when I had my heart attack and 3 stents fitted in June last year. Takes a while to adapt to the medication and gaining your confidence back. I definitely agree that you should complete a cardiac rehab course before you start a new job. You work through at your own pace and meet people in a similar situation. I felt great and motivated to lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle which is perhaps a reason that I have had no adverse side effects from 80g stations and the other cardiac meds. Stay safe and good luck in your new job when you get started.

Sorc in reply to PhilandDon

Thank you Philand Don for the advice and Good Wishes

Hello Sorc,

I had HA in May and one stent fitted had 8 weeks off work(part-time school caretaker) went back on phased return. I'm on Atorvastatin too.

As everyone says it's probably a bit too soon for work depending on what you do of course, you should be offered the cardio rehab course, I've done it but it was phone conversations, not ideal but better than nothing.

Good luck.

Sorc in reply to pjw17

Had a chat today with Cardiac Nurse I agree better than nothing, Thank you for your reply

Hiya i had 2 stents in 2012 and felt fine went back to work the next week then had another 3 stents in december just gone an it took me about 3 month to feel normal fortunately i was not working but tried to walk most days which at first really took it out of me and had to have a lay down on an afternoon but gradually felt a lot better infact felt better than i had for a long time i take 80 gm statins for about 3 years with no noticeable side effects beside other meds ime diabetic too but under control.

I hope your feeling better soon

Sorc in reply to tizz1

Thank you onwards and upwards

Sorc in reply to tizz1

Thank you onwards and upwards

Hi, I only had 1 stent fitted yet by mid afternoon I am tired also, it has been over a year since stent was put in and I was advised then not to expect miracles, advice on new job go at a rate you feel comfortable with, I am sure if you explain to your new employer they will take that into consideration, funny you should mention the statins I have been on 80 mg since January 2019, with no review of current medication, all the best my friend take care and be safe.

Sorc in reply to Carpbait

Glad to hear you're well, I think a conversation with potential employer is needed, Thank you for your reply

Change to a doctor that is not on his high horse

Sorc in reply to Oldearkie

Don't understand your comment do you mean pharmacist?

Firstly I have not had any heart ops but I was on Atorvastatin for 7 years. It gave me severe hair loss on my head, my memory became very fuzzy-forgetting words and names and extreme muscle pains in my legs and feet. My GP's ignored my pain but gave me another drug to take as well when the cramps were so painful! Another dangerous drug.

Last year I had had enough and told my GP that I wanted the Atorvastatin reduced as I was struggling. The reply was I could not take them as they were voluntary - I stopped there and then.

Since then, hair is thickening and my hairdresser no longer has to try and cover my bald pate.

My memory is less fuzzy, but not back to normal.

Cramps? What cramps-Gone! Marvellous.

Check with you heart experts.

Good Luck.

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