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Scared after Heart Attack and 3 Stents

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I had a serious Heart Attack on July 13th and received (2) stents - 52 year old male. On July 30th, I received a third, due to some additional blockage found. The 3rd stent was scheduled and not under emergency conditions. Overall, my Cardiologist was pleased and said all (3) stents were working well. I am now on a beta-blocker, blood thinner, Rosuvastatin and baby aspirin.

Since then, I am extremely afraid at any slight discomfort and automatically think I'm having a 2nd heart attack. I even went back to the Emergency room on August 1st, because I didn't feel right. After 3 EKGs and 2 blood tests over a 5-hour period, they said I was fine and sent me home.

I find myself looking at survival statistics and the pros and cons of having heart stents, and I think I'm causing more anxiety and deepen my fears.

I could write a novel here, but does anyone have any similar experiences and how did you deal with them...Thank you...

23 Replies
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Hi James , what you are describing is classic text book symptoms after a Heart attack, I was exactly the same and you will find through out the day as you get replies to your post that you are not alone in your experience, I’m a similar age to yourself and had a serious heart attack 3 years ago, I was terrified every twinge and ache, went to the hospital many times all faulse alarms , I read stuff on the internet, and it started to consume my life , 3 years on I’m fine and have a great life , It’s just a learning curve , And it will get so much better, However it will take time so be patient, Careful What you read online as much of it is out of date , my cardiologist told me after stents and I quote “Mechanically you are fixed now , but mentally it may take longer “. He was spot on with that , Take care James , and take comfort in the replies you get as you are not alone. Robbie

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Outforawalk in reply to Robbie38

Great response, and encouraging for those of us not as far along the recovery road as you are. Glad to hear you’re doing so well 👍

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JamesP123 in reply to Robbie38

Thank you very much for your reply and putting me at ease...

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Truesta123 in reply to Robbie38

Great post you've put my mind rest also tske care all

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We have all been thier I ended up in Causality twice nothing wrong it was just my anxiety .

It does get better but takes time, try to keep your mind occupied and focus on recovery .

I found meditation worked for me helps calm everything down and made me relax again .

Exercise works as well when you are up to it .

Good Luck

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JamesP123 in reply to Rose54

I will be starting rehab on August 11th, and from what I understand it helps a lot. Right now I take 30 minute morning walks, and it seems to help. Thank you for your response..

Utterly normal, James, but it does get better.

The "increased awareness" seems to be there for life, but that's not a bad thing.

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Kristin1812Heart Star

Don’t be put off going to A and E. Although you are naturally anxious and probably much more alert to symptoms you think might be heart-related, it is a learning time. You will gradually get to know your ‘new’ body and how it reacts, and what unusual symptoms and patterns you need to be more concerned about.

Also anxiety/stress can make my symptoms much worse.

So can certain, cold, humid. I exercise carefully. Starting slowly, then never too intense. I eat small in the evenings. Resting, rather than trying to ‘push through’ angina symptoms. I try not to argue, watch less cliff-hanger movies and political announcements!

So I tried to learn as much as I could about my ‘new‘ body, what to avoid, and do and when to relax and when to get worried.

I read masses. But I know more inf. doesn't help everyone.

PS just had an angio and my 9 stents of 8-9 years ago are still good. I thought that might be reassuring?

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JamesP123 in reply to Kristin1812

Definitely reassuring...thank you..

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you might like to join this forum too:

It's the American Heart forum and there are various sections - rehab, heart attack, other peoples' stories..... there is also a forum to swap information and feelings.

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JamesP123 in reply to Calliope153

Thank you for the info...

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Another sympathiser here, what you describe seems to be absolutely normal. I’m 42 and had a HA and 4 stents at the start of March. I’m back at work, walking up hills, did 50 minute spin session on Saturday.... and yet still have twinges and niggles that cause me to question whether there is a problem.

I try to comfort myself with the knowledge that the experts have been in and identified and rectified the problems, and I am now appropriately medicated to prevent further trouble.

In the first few weeks I had so many questions and felt exactly as you do now. The “I’ve had a Heart Attack” badge is with you for life, and I still struggle with that.

Very best wishes in your recovery, take your time building up exercise and make maintainable and helpful changes to your diet.

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JamesP123 in reply to Outforawalk

Thank you so much for the reply and I hope to get to your exercise level..

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Outforawalk in reply to JamesP123

I’m sure you will, just take it steady, it’s a lifestyle not a race. I was in the gym three times a week before my HA; look up the BHF Cardiac Rehab workouts Level 1 - 5 on Youtube. I started on Level 2 around 3 weeks after my HA, and couldn’t believe the sweat lashing off me after some light aerobics to begin with. The two ladies on the DVD were still striding away and I was knackered!!

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I can only reinforce the comments you’ve already had. I had a “massive” heart attack. Two emergency stents, then another two a week later. The cardiologist told me that in 15 years he’s not seen a single person survive such a massive HA!

For my first weeks or so at home I had panic attacks, especially just as I fell asleep. It was a feeling that if I went to sleep I wouldn’t wake. Having recognised this I was able to master it.

Nearly six months on I feel as fit as a butcher’s dog. I’ve just returned from a checkup with a tweak to my meds.

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JamesP123 in reply to HenryTudor

Thank you, and I'm glad your doing so great..

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You may have seen my post about feeling scared.

My HA plus 2 stents was 4th July and I am still terrified.

I felt alone and vulnerable until I put my post on here and the response was remarkable.

My husband is very angry I have just been cast adrift with no contact for a month now.

I have drawn comfort from all the kindness and knowledge people have shared with me.

I am still terrified but wonder what would have done without this website.

Good luck to you a speedy recovery x

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I hope your doing well, and thank you..I'm at the one-month mark since my HA. I have my 1st session with a mental health therapist tomorrow through Zoom online.. I still have a lot of fears and still panic at chest pains and or any aches. My Cardiac rehab was pushed back to the 18th..but I'm still excited for it.

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I had a heart at 45 years old following 2 stents at 40 non emergency. The heart attack was because of another blockage in the widowmaker atery which required a 3rd stent. I have since been back on 3 occasions over a period thinking I am having similar symptoms but 2 blood tests later on each occasion suggest all is fine. It’s mind over matter the mind is very powerful.

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Very true

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I think many people suffer the same anxiety, I certainly did and still do. I think the secret is to try and relax, listen to your body. Most pain or twinges are what is known as settling. I never heard of that until reading these pages and my cardiologist certainly never mentioned it.

Keep calm my friend, life will get better

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Hi James, it's very normal to feel this way as you read most of us been down that road and you will be fine, just don't ask Dr Google to much as that docter will keep you stressing out even more.

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Hi James, I had a heart attack 2 stents 9 years ago and believe me your heart is now in better shape than it's ever been please don't worry.

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