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low heart rate again.. sorry


after landing in hospital nearly 2 years ago with HR of 45.. ivabradine was reduced to 5mg a day .. hospital doc confident that would solve the problem.. but now regularly going down to mid 40’s every day at rest.. ie just sitting watching tv.. lying in bed couple of nights ago and checked pulse.. 39.. anyone else with same problems?.. awaiting another appointment to see cardiologist arranged by general medicine Consultant when i was admitted 2 weeks ago with chest pain.. due to see GP on Tuesday.. but i know GPs don’t like meddling with meds that Cardiologists have prescribed..

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My resting pulse during the day hovers around 45 sometimes 43. Informed medics several times and they don't seem inclined to do anything about however we are all different!

Has your cardio doc discussed a Pace Maker?

They can increase your HR as well as Pace AFib, which is why my husband has one.

A friend at the gym has had one for 2 years and it was recommended because he had such a low HR he would faint. He’s like a new man now.

Yours From Across The Pond

My resting pulse is always in the low 40s. I just have to take care that I don't get up too fast as I get dizzy on occasions.

But other than that all is fine

Manhattan1 in reply to Andyman

yep i’ve noticed dizziness on lots of occasions.. also noticed breathlessness

Andyman in reply to Manhattan1

Fizzyness but not long term breathlessness just a little when my head spins. Fizzyness us caused by getting up faster than the heart can pump the blood to me head to compensate. I now, when I remember, get up slowly in a controlled way.

My pulse goes down as low as 34, been noted in A&E etc. But as its Sinus Bradycardia it's ok.

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