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High blood pressure from infection!

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over the weekend i developed a bad infection the normal for me is that they can give me a bad chest but this time it badly affected my benign vertigo still been investigated and for some reason when i had my blood pressure checked it was really high.

i am waiting for a mri as they suspect end of last year i may of suffered a very minor stroke all the symptoms are there.

been told to monitor my b.p it also looks like i may be heading to hospital if the antibiotics don't work to get this stuff well in to my system.

i was really shocked at the events of yesterday and how a infection could cause such problems.

just wonder with people on here with various heart related problems and those with b.p problems if they too have had any infections which has increased their blood pressure.

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I have had 3 episodes of increased blood pressure. All were triggered by viral infections.

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The cold/flu treatments that "dry" you up can cause increased blood pressure and should be avoided by those with heart and/or BP problems. I don't know if you are taking them but it is a little publicised fact. Hope you feel better soon!

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