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EGC test

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Hello I'm new here. My question is this - I had an ECG test administered by the practice health care assistant. The sticky patches wouldn't stick to my skin - I hadn't realised I shouldn't have used body lotion. So she stuck the patches onto my skin with bits of sticky tape cut off a roll. Would this affect the result from the ECG? It just seemed a bit of a Heath Robinson way of testing a major organ - she could simply have asked me to wipe the appropriate areas free of body lotion. Thanks.

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Hello and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear of your experience - unprofessional to say the least. I had an ECG many years ago (before cataract treatment?) and when I saw the doctor he said "we need to rerun the ECG as you look very healthy for somebody flat-lining"! If there is anything wrong they will call you back.

Do you mind me asking why you had an ECG. Resting ones are IMHO of limited value. Despite four blocked arteries (up to 85%) my resting one was fine. A stress ECG is far more valuable.

Hi Yes Know What You Mean, But The Nurse as prob.done it a 1,000 times. xx

As the other reply states a resting ECG is not very effective & one under exercise stress is best anyway.

You haven’t said why you had it, but you are lucky because my surgery never offered it!

If in doubt explain to your GP your concerns & let them decide.

Many thanks for your responses. I had the ECG as a sort of process of elimination because I get short of breath when walking up an incline (age 65). I can walk for miles with no problem on a flat path. Can also climb stairs no probs but climbing up three flights is difficult. Also had a test for asthma which the GP said she couldn't understand the results. So it's back to the drawing board. A chest X-ray is the next step.

Thanks again.

I had a stress ECG a few years ago and some of the sticky pads didn't stick. I had my chest dry shaved with a very cheap, disposable razor. There were a few sharp intakes of breath!

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