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Heart medications for triple vessel heart disease and annual/quarterly checkup


I am looking out to get some feedbacks on

1)Different type of heart medications

2)Quarterly blood works and annual echo & stress test

I am taking below medicines last 2 years

amlodipineAmvasc 10mg

ramiprilTritac 2.5mg

isosorbide nitrate(imdur) 30 mg (dosage reduced from 120mg due to headache)

betablocker nebivolol (nebilet) 5mg

atorvastatin (Atorcor) 10mg

(dosage reduced from 80mg)

ranolazine (ranexa) 500mg

clopidogrel Plavix 75mg

(could not tolerate aspirin hence dapt discontinued)

coenzyme q10COQ100mg

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