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Heart Disease and Benefits

Hi all,

My name is Kevin and I am now 58yrs old. I survived an M.I in 2014.

I am new to this site and am really looking for some help and, maybe answers to help me understand.

Any help I get will be very much appreciated.

Having previously had an M.I, Cardiac Arrest, Stent fitted, x2 AF Ablations, x 3 Adenosine Stress Tests, x 3 Angiograms, MRI and CT scans. I have now been diagnosed with Prinzmetal's Angina (Coronary Vasospasm) along with my Chronic Coronary Heart Disease as well. I also have minor blockages in my Left Coronary Artery and in the front area of my heart.

I looked at trying to claim Incapacity Benefit because since the M.I, in 2014, I have not worked nor claimed any Benefits.

Does anybody know if I am entitled to benefits of any type? Our Income is vey limited thanks to a Gov't Pension I receive but that income doesn't cover our monthly outgoings.

I have looked at the DWP site, but to be honest, it's a minefield getting your head round it and finding where/if I am entitled to claim any Benefits.

Can anyone offer some help and/or information, Please?


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If you are under 65 you may be able to claim PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and if 65 or over Attendance Allowance depending of your level of disability. Why not visit the local CAB office in the morning for advice?


Yes i agree with MichaelJh


Hi Kevin,

I have heart failure but the doctor won’t put me on ESA because I am capable of desk work. Which I suppose is right if there were the jobs out there who will take on a 58 year old with health problems. I’d probably require re-training.

It’s crazy how we can claim a personal pension at 55 but we can’t touch the state pension until 67. If the worst happens out next of kin receive a lump sum for a private pension, but if your single your next of kin receives nothing of your state pension. The government could save a lot of money in my case.

I now claim JSA with restrictions meaning I only need to apply for jobs I’m capable of doing. I still have the rules explained with threats of stopping the benefit if I don’t comply.

I am left feeling embarrassed that I have a heart problem at 58, at least ten years too early. Its crazy and leaves constantly wondering ‘what next’.


Hi Howardl,

I quite agree with what you are saying and totally sympathise with you. Yes, I cashed in my Gov't Pension at 55 but the paltry amount I get in is less than half my Council Tax, so I don't get to see it.

I too am embarrassed that at 58, I have chronic heart disease. Sadly, both my (now deceased) parents had heart disease, so as the inherent son, the writing was on the wall for me, but just a question as when, and at 54 it showed its ugly head. Healthy people I talk to don't understand what it is like. The chances of me ever working again are slim to none. I suffer pain on a daily basis but explaining that to anyone is a fruitless exercise. I have actually had "friends" telling me I am lazy and too young to have heart disease and that I should go to work.

I will pay the local CAB office a visit and see what/if I can claim.

When I wake in the morning, I thank God that I have made it through the night and I enjoy my day, no matter what the weather.

I hope you too can enjoy every day.

Take care and thanks for replying to my thread.


I too have a "friend" who doesn't really believe I can have a heart problem at 46, and that I am back to work after a month of having a cardiac event! She didn't even ask how I was feeling. Left me feeling very embarrassed for some reason.


The lack of understanding by others can be staggering. I have been told "You need to push yourself more" when my cardiologist has told me "Do what you can but do not overdo it - your rehab start after surgery not before"! The same person has seen me having a bad angina attack. Someone else commented "It cannot be serious or they would have operated by now". And the funniest was someone found a claim on FaceAche from a person who had had a multiple bypass and was back driving and at work a week later never taking anything stronger than paracetamol. I am surprised he did not claim he did it himself guided by a Haynes manual! :)



I found both of these sites to be beneficial they are both secure and backed by benefits charities.



Just input the required information and they will work out what you may be entitled to and how to claim. They also have loads of other info and support lines

Good luck


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I’m on esa and DLA due to my heart condition and my heart condition means sometimes my body alllows me to work and other times like now I’m not able cos of my heart condition so I onli work part time wen my body allows it.


I have a hard won PIP

My diagnosis Microvascular and coronary artery spasms aka vasospastic/ Printzmetal angina.

I was in my early 50s and was retired early on ill health with permanent incapacity.

What got me most was being told by an aquitance that because my husband had a good job I shouldn't claim!!!

Only worked for 35 plus years for the NHS

I found the whole process degrading and humiliatating you are only innocent until proved guilty in this country unless you apply for a disability benefit.

I also live with daily pain that can be debilitating and I depend on others to care for me and end up in hospital at times. You are bsolutely entitled to this benefit.

I found this site really useful.


Good luck



thanks for your info, I will have a look at the link you provided and let you all know how I get on.

Thanks to all help from those that have generously given


I've just done a calculation, and according to the calculator under Universal Credit, I'm not entitled to a penny! My OH is on a low wage, but we don't have a mortgage, but do have bills!. I've got Angina, at first I was diagnosed with prinzmental, over 10 years ago, I tried to claim DLA [at that time] but was declined, I had to leave my Phd, as the stress was too much, and was having cascading attacks... eventually they got the medication sorted and I started work, again had to leave due to change in attacks, I got Incapacity Benefit then, was on that for 9 months , and after medication was sorted out I found another job, working part-time, and then full time over the last few years., with vulnerable clients - in a local authority, as you can guess with cuts to finances that became stressful too, not just for me but for everyone. I did have a few scary moments at work, with a few admissions to hospital, and playing around with medication, {I rattle at the moment} . 4 years ago, my father was diagnosed with dementia and lung disease, after the stress with social workers, I was signed off sick, angina was not great, but it did mean I could spend time with my dad, he died 3 yrs ago, within 9 mths of diagnosis, of lung disease.. then 2 yrs ago my ex-husband died[ we have 4 children togther], that was messy, and stressful, as I had to help and support them, then my now mother in law died unexpectantly, and we were left to sort that out - and last year my younger sister died unexpactly... as the olderst of my sisblings I had to deal with than, - no surprise then that my angina kicked off again, I was off work for a while, and then when mother in laws estate was sorted out, we bought a house and hoped things would get better. The stress of work and everything meant my mental health, as well as my physical health, was not good, and we decided that I should take some time off work to see if it settled down, and then look for a part-time job. I went to see my consultant in Sheffield and he told me that I did not have Prinzmental Angina, and asked me who told me I had - I told him it was him - he then sent me for more tests and it came back that I have Angina, [ I know!] Coronary Heart Disease [ 50% ], FH [ strong family connections - g'mother died at 39, mother at 44, aunt at 60 - after she had quadruple bypass in her 50's - I have gone for genetic testing and as I can't prove I have rings around my eyes since before I was 50, - I seem to remember I did - I have a score of 16 - if they take that into account its 20 - my cousins have FH as do their children, waiting to get my results - then my children and g'children will be tested] . I have managed to do a part time MA while I have been off work, because I can do it at home, in my own time, stop when I'm tired, rest, etc. We have moved area and are not in a Universal Credit area. My angina was stable but there has been a change, I'm having breakthrough angina attacks daily, and I'm not doing a great deal.. I'm very tired all the time. I'm due to see the cardiologist tomorrow. I've worked for over the last 7 years, my husband earns just above the basic wage, but under the Universal credit system we can't get a penny- it doesn't seem fair. I have applied for jobs, and even been offered an interview, - should have gone for one today, but angina attack in the night has left me exhausted. Who's going to employ me. I'm 58 years old and feel like I'm on the scrap heap. - oh I also have hypermobility issues - laughs- I use to be a dance when I was young- now I have arthritis in my hips, knees, ankles, back, neck fingers jaw... but as I can walk with a stick, I was told the last time I made a claim for DLA - about 5 years ago that I was not entitled to that either . It's worse now, I have friends in a worse state than me who have been declined, so I don't expect to get PIP. I've worked all my life, even when my kids were little.. part-time jobs etc... but can we get any help now.. not a penny.


sorry for the splurge...


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