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Able to 'breathe' again!

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Some of you have comments about electric shocks. Just at the right time! My husband has a defib which has never activated for years. Last November he was admitted for heart failure and that triggered of a nightmare. End of life forms x2, hospice nurse, funeral plans, hymms, burial or other?, Deactivating defib, questions like "do you want your wife cowering in a corner too afraid to touch you?", On and on it went like a conspiracy between all the professionals. The only one that wasnt flapping was our g.p. and sadly we didn't believe her. So a year of sleepless nights and husband looking like he's going downhill we get appointment from another consultant. She was persistent. 3 times my husband cancelled and she sent another. Thursday I got him there (with my heart failure) and she said only positive things like "your heart is beating well, you don't have any fluid, you aren't breathless. Go home enjoy your life. I'll see you in a year." What a difference! We didn't wake till gone 9 this morning. Moral of story is see another consultant, question things, and keep reading these wonderful posts. These are real people with real problems.xx

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So sorry you have had such a bad experience. Heart failure does not automatically mean imminent death. My husband has had HF for last 9 years, he was 41. He got fitted with defib 5 years ago and still ok at check ups. His EF went from 13% back up to 50%. I hope your husband lives as full a life for as long as he is able.

Thank you for a very positive response. Sometimes we get too many negatives from the medical world who are doing their best to prepare us. I do feel better.😊

Well what I got was blood in wee a 2 week referral to see the urologist did a ct scan and had camera up my bladder but before I had that I'd gone to Drs and dr was on the ball she wrote to the cardiologist and she received a letter back to say he thought it was the secondary medication and he would assess me when I had my apt. Went to see cardiologist and straight away said to me pacemaker and off clopidogril no mention of upping my rivarauxaban so rang the Drs and triage nurse rang me back and said you need to speak to dr. That afternoon I went to see my dr and he had a recent letter and so he said to me your on clopidogril I said no I was

Taken off it on wed (2 days previous) he also said your taking rivarauxaban 2 x daily I replied I took that for one month only and taken off it as discharge letter I only take it 1 daily. I had proof as when I went to see cardiologist I'd written all my medication down and he actually ticked it and x clopidogril. .

Dr said I'm as confused as you are, I need to ring cardiologist but can't today as it's 4.30 on a fri afternoon. Dr told me he'd ring on min if I get a reply then I will ring you, I'm off tues wed thurs so will ring you fri which he did saying that cardiologists don't want you off clopidogril as it's protecting your stent. How wrong was the cardiologist in the first place. If I'd not questioned rivarauxaban with dr then I'd be off clopidogril now instead of June.

Heart Failure is not a very positive term. I wish they could find another because it doesn't necessarily mean a death sentence! I have been in that zone for 5 years plus and I've managed to keep well and active by being positive and following all the medical advice I could find. Good luck!


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