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Sub Aortic Membrane

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Please stop my health anxiety over Christmas. Local hospital referred me to Royal Brompton Congenital team as I have a sub aortic membrane detected coincidentally due to anxiety palpitations. I have appointment on 4th Jan. To see someone and for a transthoracic echo (too scared to look what that is). I can't find anything about this membrane, what it means and what treatment might be. So worried.

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"I have appointment on 4th Jan. To see someone and for a transthoracic echo (too scared to look what that is)."

Absolutely nothing to be worried about, a trans thoracic echo is what my echo cardiogram was called as well. It's just an ultra sound scan of your heart. No radiation, no pain, no intrusive surgery, just a quick process where sound waves are used to give a sort of sonar picture of your heart and chest, exactly the same thing that's used on pregnant women to take a look at the growing foetus. It'll provide your cardiologist with a clearer picture of what's going on inside your chest.

It's really common, probably precautionary, and it most certainly doesn't signify any particular problem.

Relax and enjoy your turkey!

Hello Phoenix35

I can't help you with your diagnosis as I too am very new to all the medical terms .What I can tell you is that the proposed echo is not too much for you to worry about .I have had two echo cardiograms now and they have been painless, basically like an ultrasound I suspect the transthoracic bit refers to whereabouts you will be scanned .

If your appointment is not till January 4th I would advise you to take this as a good thing as they are not rushing to see you .

I totally understand why you are anxious I am just the same but if you can try and put your fears to one side it will be so much better for your health .Try and enjoy the Christmas break, relax and take time for yourself .Trust in the Doctors they are marvellous and we are so lucky to have an NHS .

Let's hope for good things for the New Year and everyone on this site is so kind and helpful someone out there is sure to be able to help .

Worrying is not going to help you or anyone else take care of yourself

Lots of Love



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A subaortic membrane is a common type of aortic stenosis.. It is a membrane that forms under the aortic valve. Because of obstruction to the flow of blood from the left ventricle into the aorta turbulence can result. Treatment will depends on symptoms and the results of further investigations such as the TOE. Depending on findings the aortic valve may be untouched, repaired or replaced.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to MichaelJH

P.S. Try to relax and enjoy the holiday period without overthinking as it achieves precisely nothing!

I had a subaortic membrane discovered when I was having a heart murmur investigated in my twenties.

Sometimes they are of little significance other than the murmur, at the other end of the scale they can be the cause of significant stenosis. The TOE will have a close look at both the membrane and the valve. Because the membrane causes the blood through the valve to be turbulent it can cause valve damage. In my case I had a valve repair together with removal of the membrane at the age of 66 forty odd years after the membrane was diagnosed

Hope that helps.

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