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Can a Canadian get on the list for heart transplant in the U.K.?

My sister is dying in Canada and needs a heart transplant. She is 60 and just had

her heart become an issue and suddenly has no time left in her life.

If she dies now it would truly be tragic. She's never even left Canada. At least she

would see British Soil before she's gone.

Please can anyone help?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! There is a severe shortage of donor organs of all types. Under the current EU rules an organ can only go to a foreign recipient if there is no suitable UK or EU recipient.

Is she not on a Canadian waiting list?


She is hoping to get on the list in Canada but it is

not a certainty. She doesn't even know I am doing this.

I just thought there might be the hope of a possibility

because of the commonwealth relationship between

the 2 countries.


Just catching up as had a day in hospital. As mentioned there are currently EU rules relating to transplant (severe shortage of donors does not help). Documentation I have seen does not mention the Commonwealth but I would suggest you give the British Embassy a call.


thank you


It's a High Commission rather than Embassy when a commonwealth country.


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