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Good afternoon guys, not sure how this works, after a bit of advice, 3 years ago I had a Mitral heart valve repair, which was great, was firing on all four cylinders felt great, last year started t get tired and the old symptoms returned, went back to the cardiologist and they informed me that there was a slight leak and they will monitor, this was under a year ago. recently I think I had a suspected heart attack, dull ache down the left side of my face with a severe jaw ache and pins and needles down my left arm (nothing showed up on the ECG) and now find that I am breathless all the time and struggling to walk up slight slopes/hills, and sharp pains in the middle of my chest (occasionally) especially if I get stressed, Dr thinks I may have Angina, waiting for the hospital to come back to me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Dave. I had an unsuccessful mitral valve repair 19 years ago. They told me a few weeks after that they hadn’t managed to do the repair!

I ended up going back in with an infection. So all in all not very good. Nothing more was mentioned about having it redone until a couple of years ago when a cardiologist told me I will need it doing if I wanted to live to a ripe old age. I’m loathed to look into it again as what is to say they won’t fail again! Wait till they come back and tell you how serious or not the leak is. Good luck.

"recently I think I had a suspected heart attack"

I'm not a doctor so take this with a pinch of salt, but my understanding is there's little or no ambivalence about a heart attack. The tests show you either had one or you didn't. High levels of certain enzymes, hormones and proteins revealed via blood tests pretty much answer the question. So unless your doctor flat out told you that you'd had a heart attack I'd assume that you hadn't...which of course is terrific news! The symptoms you described could easily have been angina.

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