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pain after heart attack and angiogram

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Is it normal to experience pain 4 days after a heart attack and 3 days after an angiogram? I have not had a stent fit and have been discharged with numerous tablets.

I was treated by Airdale and Leeds who were amazing especially given the lack of funding for the N.H.S.

I was very fit and ate extremely healthily so this has been a massive shock.

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something doesn't sound right dial 111 or go to a+e where you can be rechecked.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to mikeydt

Agree with mikeydt. One check is to use GTN spray (you can buy it if it was not prescribed). If it eases the pain it suggests an issue with arteries (narrowing?), if not maybe nerve damage from the procedure. Either way get yourself checked out!

It takes awhile for everything to settle down and for the meds to kick in. I needed my spray a couple of times but things have settled now and although I get short of breath I don't get so much pain

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My husband was the same. The heart is a muscle and when you strain a muscle it can hurt for a few days. He didn’t have a stent fitted either, he has given himself a natural bypass but he also had a little pain after too. He also suffered from phantom pains for a little but but after two weeks of getting used to the idea he had a heart attack things soon settled down and recovery has begun.

Listen to your body, take a deep breath and I wish you all the health in the world.

Hi, I’m an Airedale patient too and had an angiogram there in April. Didn’t have pain afterwards though, except bit of soreness where it went in. Suggest you do follow others advice and get yourself checked, particularly with having had heart attack. Good luck.


I can’t advise on this concern but just thought I’d say hello - we have followed the Sam path I’m home from a week in AGH and angiogram followed by angioplasty and stent at LGI.

Do get checked out for peace of mind but also know despite good care we’ve had a bit of a trauma.

Don’ take it as given but look at some of your meds and side effects a number of mine have chest pain as a side effect, hope things resolve soon

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