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Stopping Furosemide?



My mum been on this tablet since early in the year when she had a admission for angina general docs diagnosed heart failure. However echo did not comfirm this and cardiologist however still kept on them. Had stents fitted iver a week ago. She went to her new doctors as had run out of gout tablets when she went to chemist they told her she has to come off furosemide? When she left hospital last week no change to meds. I have told her to query this with chemist if it is cardiology who has requested it? Wouldnt the change be prior to duscharge?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

In my post bypass discharge letter my surgeon requested it was stopped after six weeks. In fact it was stopped after five as there was no sign of odema. I had had slight odema pre surgery.

I would check with the cardiology department that carried out the procedure as it is not the chemist's decision and nobody would have advised them - it would have been dropped from the repeat.

gemstar82 in reply to MichaelJH

Yes I have told her to go back to chemist and ask who as requested it not first time a mistake as happened with medication. Rheumatology thought potentially that tablet was causing her gout so mabe they have wrote to her cardiologist. Yes mum had bypass last december and was never put on these tablets. Thanks for reply Michael

I agree ultimately its the specialist decision,not the Pharmacist,the Phamacist is simply to advise,not make a clinical decision

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