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Due for an EP Study and Catheter ablation, And I'm kind of terrified!


Ok so to cut a long story short, After being diagnosed last week with Wolf-Parkinsson White syndrome, The doctor has put me in to have and EP Study and catheter ablation in 4-6 weeks.

I'm so worried as I just feel it's all going to go wrong, And I'm terrified of hospitals to boot. I'm still not sure if I'm having it done under sedation or General Anesthesia both of which scare me too.

I'm just hoping anyone else with similar experiences can help put my mind at rest a little and make this whole process easier to cope with. Any tips would be greatly appreciated too!

For reference I'm 25yo and in fairly good health (Meaning I don't exercise and I'm only a little overweight)

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Hi - I had an EP study and cardiac ablation in July. I had a GA and it was very straightforward. It’s not surgery and is a very routine procedure. I realise that your recent diagnosis may have been a big surprise and cause you considerable stress but try not to worry. I would recommend that you redirect your energy to learning more about your condition and treatments. If you can avoid worrying you can perhaps think more clearly, ask appropriate questions of your clinical team and take in the answers.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes.

Lpchubbard in reply to IanMK

Thank you for the reply, That has put my mind at rest a little. I will spend some time learning more, Thanks for the advice 😊

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