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Mitral valve replacement - infections and pain


Hi. I had a mitral valve replacement, full open heart, on 9th September and unfortunately been dogged with 3 separate infections to the wound. It has slowed recovery down somewhat. I've got a pulling, burning, pain to the right of my chest into my armpit which doesn't seem to improve at all. It is really pulling me down low. A surgeon had a prod a couple of days back when dealing with the latest infection and seemed happy from his end. Activity-wise I am up to 20 minutes walking twice a day. I am feeling isolated and hope joining the group will change that. Anyone else suffering the same?

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Hello Newvalvenewlife. I had a mitral valve repair done using minimal invasion surgery, and I still managed to pick up a wound infection. It took several days of antibiotic drips and wound drains, which were very painful.

It also took a couple of days to find the right antibiotic. I appreciate how you are feeling, but it will get better. I've found that I was often too impatient, and needed to give the medicine time. It's good that you are up and getting about, that will help.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for responding Guidedog98 - still struggling with infections but so much easier to know that I'm not on my own out here.

Best of luck. Clare

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