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Hopefully money well spent


Just returned from seeing GI consultant, £204 for 15 minutes! Anyway, think hubby has some sort of food intolerance, need to cut all dairy products for 2 weeks and then 2weeks wheat free and see if either makes a difference.Also various other tests being done, which will be on NHS, to see if pancreas working properly and a few other things, should have written them all down. Also instead of taking loperamide he has to switch to codeine, this will hopefully reverse the upset stomach he has. I am keeping everything crossed that something will eventually help my really skinny hubby, he started at 105kg before HA and is now 72kg. His BMI is really good but he looks ‘baggy’.

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Really pleased you’ve had a positive outcome. Hopefully this will address his issues. I understand about being baggy also in my case a lot saggy! I too started at 105kgs and am now 70kgs!! But mine was intentional. Take care and all the best to your hubby. Zena x

Bazmack in reply to Zena166

Thank you Zena. Hubby did lose some weight intentionally as he was overweight but wanted to stay around 75 kg but it keeps going down. I eat almost the same as him and do not lose anything!

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