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I just wanted to give everybody lots of encouragement and hope going forward. I am 69, and thought I was extremely healthy, cycling at least 100 miles/week. Then suddenly, with no warning, I had a cardiac arrest whilst spectating at an event. Fortunately there were people around me who understood cpr!! I survived thanks to them and some great cardiac medics in hospital. They stented a blocked artery, but others were restricted. Some 4 weeks ago I had cabgx3, and am walking daily as prescribed, and all seems to be healing well. Attached are my walking stats in a hilly terrain. Hope this short story helps others to have a positive outlook, in what can be a scary time!!

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Fair play too you what your doing is amazing so keep it up . I've been walking and at the gym I had a heart attack and 2 double bypasses within the space of 20 months the first one failing . This and more all happened between the ages 0f 40 and 42 my moto was never give up . Keep it up 😀

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Looking good! I am six weeks post quadruple bypass and we'll behind that. My problem was that I had angina for around 18 months before and before the op 100 yds was a struggle. What I would say is don't push to hard before you have seen the rehab team for guidance

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Thanks for that advice Michael, I am trying to hold myself back!!! It’s my competitive difficult to re-educate the mind!!

I have been somewhat "fortunate" in that, although I had no cardiac problems at all - and regularly ran 5-10klms four times per week, I chose to have a CT Scan ( a calcium score test) because I had always had very high cholesterol levels for around 30 years , which no amount of lifestyle food alteration and exercise had reduced in that time. I discovered that I have a considerable amount of calcification of my heart arteries - although stress tests on a treadmill revealed no blockages ( although apparently these tests only show up blockages of above 80% or so). Anyway this test showed me to my face that I had a developing problem which needed attention - unfortunately for me lifestyle changes and exercise did not do anything for me so I finally decided to take the drugs - my cholesterol level has now fallen to what the medicos want it to be with no side effects - so I am not sure that I can do much more except to enjoy life as much as I can while I still have it.

Ive onli just found out I can do more physically and I’ve always had a heart condition. I’m shocked that I can be active apart from once in a while. Growing up I used to be scared to do anything fun apart from on holiday as I’m a naturally person. I remember wishing I was on holiday all the time as I teen instead of being stuck in my room because of my heart condition yet the 1st time I’ve ever asked my cardiologist if I can enjoy sport I was told yes but build myself up slowly so hopefully by 40 I’ve get into a sport. Ty 4 the encouragement as it means tons to me.

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