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Aortic aneurysm

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Hi my 7 year old was born with a co artation of the aorta this was repaired with open surgery at 4days old and then repaired with balloon procedure at 12 weeks old as it had narrowed back down. He has had many other health problems including autism. We are still waiting on the CT scan to confirm the size of it. This morning he complained of a sore head which passed quite quickly but is very uncommon and then he had pains in his left arm for a few minutes. He has been absolutely fine since then. I'm sure I'm just being a very paranoid mummy but does that sound ok? Thanks

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I would phone the hospital's children's cardiac liaison nurse for advice, or the bhf nurse line.

This is a question for medical professionnals.

Hope all goes well.

They both sound like they could be heart related but may not be. He could be even more scared than u. I grew up scared about my heart condition. I have no idea wat age they started but my freind remembers me being scared at 5 wen we started school so speak to him in an age Apporate way overwise if he is scared these fears may never go away and I don’t want that 4 ur son. If u feel he needs professional help get it for him, don’t leave it till he’s an adult like I have.

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