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Prolonged QTc


Hi all,

This is my first post and I am concerned.

I had my first appointment with a cardiologist a couple of weeks ago which included an ecg as I have been having daily palpitations. Nothing was mentioned about the ecg I had at my GPs and was told it was normal.

The cardiologist thought the palpitations were benign but would do a 48 hr monitor. I received a copy of the letter he sent to my GP which stated ecg was normal, however I had a slightly prolonged QTc of 503, which in the meantime I should be put on beta blockers until the 48 hr monitor can be looked at.

Of course I googled prolonged QTc and got quite scared.

I wish he had mentioned it during the appointment so I could have had it explained.

Can anyone share their experiences or offer any advice?

Many thanks

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Hi tgisue, your story sounds similar to mine. I fainted at work and it's showed I had a slightly prolonged QT. I was then put on beta blockers which I didn't tolerate well and was referred to the Manchester genetic department. My genetic test came back negative and it was decided that the prolonged QT was due to low potassium.

It was scary but the cardiology department was very thorough and put my mind at ease.


Thanks for your reply.

Did you have to have pottasium supplements and did your prolonged qt resolve?

Oh yes, sorry I should have included that when I had a blood test when I fainted it was a little low so I had a couple of supplements and it did resolve so now I eat plenty of potassium rich food. I'm not saying this is the same for yourself but I remember googling it and scaring myself. Maybe speaking to your GP if your appointment with your cardiologist is a little way off?

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