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I think ectopics are the worst part of cardiomyopathy.I have been seen by various consultants over the years and always told "don't worry about them they won't kill you" This is obviously said by someone who has not suffered from them. I find they really get me down and feel quite depressed when I am going through a bad period. I feel good when I get a period of respite. Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

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Hi Escreet2005, I've had ectopics since a child and sometimes they are good some days bad. But I changed my diet and don't drink much, cut out fizzy drinks and coffee. They are nothing to worry about and to be honest I think of them as checking my heart is beating but doing an extra or missing one! After my bypass in March they have been fewer. I am not suggesting you need a bypass though. Check out the York Cardiologist on you tube this may help. good luck x

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