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Stress echo


Just back from chest clinic. BP and heart rate have managed to scrape in just within a high normal. Stress echo ordered to see if artery blockage (rear artery, 50-75%) is the cause of chest pain - some on exercise, some not, some emotional. Feel like I'm not really getting anywhere.

Due to have Gallbladder removed in 2 weeks, surgeon said if cardiologist says it's ok, saw cardiac specialist nurse today, who said it's dependent on anaesthnetist, and if he's willing to take the risk. Pre-op next week and I feel like I should be cancelling - caring responsibilities and arrangements at difficult enough to sort as is!

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Don't cancel. Wait until you have had the pre-op with the anaesthetist. What you are being told is standard - the anaesthetist has to be confident that you are not going to have a major cardiac event while on the table having a gall bladder job. Let the hospital make the decision for you. I know that is not very empowering, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow. If surgery goes ahead as planned thats good, if you were too high a risk it might speed things up on the cardiac side.

Thank you. Pre op is next Monday, so I guess I don't have anything to lose in waiting till then.

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