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Hi, everyone new to the site so wondered if anyone has any good idea where to find support for mental health problems due to heart problems and so on asked my doctor and they clearly don't care I should have had some one on one time with pros after this happened, but it never did and all the doctor wants to do now is shove more tablets down my neck. I have seen the turning point posters in the doctors waiting room but they are of little help to me as they deal with depression and so on in a general way I have been told a few times I need to be referred to a psychiatrist but I'm still waiting for they to get back to me so it looks like I need to do it myself for quicker much needed results

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Hi Cheesecake, Sorry to hear you have been feeling the way you are, I suffer with bipolar disorder and servere anxiety, since I have had all the problems associated with my heart my mental health too has deteriorated, I see my physiatrist on a monthly basis. In all honesty when my Gp referred me it took weeks for an app to come thru unfortunately mental health services are pushed to the limits, but in my experience you are best to see a psychiatrist so it may take a while but you should get an app hopefully soon and when you do let it all out and they will work out what's best for you it my not involve meds I find talking therapy also works for me don't give up just keep on to the docs for a referral. Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks and thanks for the advice I will keep at the doctors its taking so long now because of his many people are coming forward.

Hi cheezecake I did online help via my go.Its called silver cloud Not sure if it's available in your area I suffer anxiety also Ask staff if you can have telephone consultation with go and mention it to them

Thanks I'll have a look see what I can find out I think the one we have here is talking point.

Hi. Not sure where you live but you can self refer to talking therapies if in your area. You may also like to check out the charities MIND or Mental Health Matters. There is also CALM. It would be good to talk to a health psychologist I saw both a health psychologist and a counsellor post heart attack as I couldn’t cope. It helped. I still have wobbles but improving. The BHF helpline may also be able to help you find a local service. You may also be able to find support from the cardiac rehab team? Hope these maybe able to point you in the right direction. Zena

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I will give it ago I've asked to go to cardiac rehab but sadly got nothing I was told my details had been passed on but had nothing this was 6 months ago.

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Keep pestering sometimes these things get lost in the system so it’s important to keep chasing. Your local Healthwatch maybe able to help with contact numbers and information. Unfortunately the NHS is not perfect and sometimes when referrals go missing they need a gentle prod! Take care. Zena

Counselling is probably your best bet here (your GP should help in this regard, but you can also do it privately too). There are various cardiac support groups around, try looking on line or talk to your cardiac rehab team. You could also try charities like MIND for information. It is important you realise you are not alone, mental health issues post cardiac events and surgery are very common and you really should be able to get support locally.

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Sorry to hear your suffering, I did a self referral for Health in mind. This was recommended by the cardiac rehab nurses, I don't know if this is available where you are but worth a quick look online. All the best to you x

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