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NHS Invite – Update

Original post

Hi Guys hope everyone is healthy and looking forward to the summer, I know I am :-).

I promised to update you on the above topic so there you have it.

I thought it would be best to address their questions little bit formally so I prepared a presentation addressing how the condition was diagnosed, the treatment I received and concluded with post process lifestyle and my exercise regime.

It was very interactive session as most of the audience were cardiologists, they asked lot of questions relating to peculiar way my condition was diagnosed as well as post process lifestyle management and how am I managing my running. While answering their questions, I highlighted the areas where I felt they need to pay extra attention (thanks for all your feedback). I identified the gaps occurred during my diagnosis period and that it was my persistence which lead to discovery of my condition.

The session went on for 45 minutes, it was meant to be for 20-25 minutes so you can imagine how interactive it was. It was very well received and acknowledged, I saw a lot of notes were taken and copy of the presentation was requested.

Once again, many thanks for your input, it really helped me to prepare myself better.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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