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Hi there this is a bit of a long one so please bear with it.

My husband had a heart ablation on Wednesday which went good with no complications. We were told that after the ablation his heart would be a little jumpy for a few days. On Thursday in the morning he had heart beat racing up to 120-130bpm which settled down after 15mins, we thought this was what they were referring to. He another at lunch time with didn't last very long either, but in the afternoon it rocketed up to 163bpm an ambulance was called which took him in hospital, thankfully it calmed down on it on on the way to hospital.

We know he has a severe leaky pulmonary valve and a moderate dilation in the right ventricle, but while he was having loads of tests his echo has picked up septal flattening, biatrail dilation and moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation.

The doctors never came around to explain the echo they just said they were happy he was now stable he has a follow-up in 2weeks with a cardiologist but it has left us confused and extremely worried on what they mean.

Does any one has any idea what those things mean?

( We have googled but still no the wiser)

Thank you

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