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Cardiomyopathy-story to date

My story, middle of last year I found myself admitted to hospital. My symptoms were chesty cough, rapid pulse, blood pressure was high additionally had fluid on my lungs. While in hospital had angiogram done with number blood test which then was told I have cardiomyopathy and my heart function is 15-20% on LV this at the time scared the pants off me I thought my life is over!

1 Year on i am back at work full time which I think is positive thing as help me stay focused on something other my condition which is good in one way but I think old habits of not exercising and not making sensible food choices are holding me back again the weight has crept back on, also have noticed fluid retention on my legs again so I contacted my heart failure nurse she is amazing by the way. So am now back on the frusimide to get rid of the fluid hopefully. Just very scary time at the moment !!! Think I tried to ignore that it even happened tried to live to how I was before.

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Hello kevster, sorry to hear of your problems. Have you thought about going forwards from here, some walking perhaps to get the old ticker moving along? Helps with the weight as well, food choices, well you recognised you were slipping back into bad habits, doesn't have to be all kale and quinoa, plenty of vegetables, sensible amounts of protein and carbs. Try to lose the saturated fats and processed meats such as bacon, make them a once in a while treat and embrace rapeseed oil, you can get a fantastic spray rapeseed oil these days with, I think, 2 calories a spray.

Keep us informed how it's going and good luck


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Thanks for the advice I’m currently back on the diet but only in last couple of days. Im a lot better than my original symptoms so the ,edicaton must be helping. Able to walk about fairly easily with not. Uch issue other than fatigue although been experiencing pain in knee only every now and then I’m thinking that this could be in p@rt caused by the flare up of fluid because it is that side where the retention is worse hopefully now I’m back on frusimide will solve that issue. Fingers crossed

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