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Looking for advice

Hi there my names Michael, i'm 46 and have cardiac arrhythmia. I am waiting treatment at the moment, (this is not new had the shock treatment twice so far, third times the charm as they say). My problem is that my heart palpitations and dizziness have increased a lot. I have also started waking in the night with a tight chest and a numb arm (but no real chest pain)

I seem to have no energy and am finding it harder to concentrate. Seem to making a lot of school boy errors at work. My wife wants me to see my GP but i don't want to waste his time. I am already waiting treatment so would he be able to do anything?

Anyone got any tips?

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Hi Michael,

your wife is right, it would seem your condition has worsened and you should seek advice, when is your treatment due? Have you a cardiologist you can call?


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No idea when the treatment will be and very hard to get a call back from my cardiologist. I will go see my GP. Thanks for th advice.

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Hi Michael. Sounds familiar. (82 year old) My Dr was not happy with the lack of diagnosis and sent me to TIA (cardiac investigations within 7 days) Following further test I have been fitted with a Pacemaker. This does not cure the problem but controls it. Great, I now garden & play golf, feel more like 72 ? Best of luck !


Hi mjp818

Both skid112 and derekfirman36 are right, it's important to discuss any issues with your GP or cardiologist. It sounds like you may need treatment earlier, and if you're still waiting for an appointment it might be a good idea to call your cardiologists secretary and explain you are struggling with your symptoms and have been experiencing some chest pain, and they may be able to help you get treatment sooner (or they can certainly forward you to the right people to talk to). It's important to keep in contact with your cardiologist if your symptoms change or worsen so they are aware you need treating sooner.

A tight chest and pain/sensations that radiate to arms should be taken seriously, so in this instance please call 999 where you can be reviewed and treated appropriately.

You can call our Helpline on 0300 330 3311 to talk to a cardiac nurse if you feel it may be helpful, we're available Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

Best of luck,



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