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Ptsd,severe depression, heart failure


Iv been diagnosed with these conditions in that order and was trying to find out if there is a link ,I am trying to find out if my stage 4 heart failure is the result of depression and ptsd

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Not directly but they would probably speed up its progress. Unhealthy stress is not good for people and PTSD doesn't come with healthy stress. Were you n the forces by any chance? If so you should be getting support for the PTSD and depression.

I've never heard of PTSD and depression causing heart failure, though a lot of heart failure patients do suffer from depression or PTSD. I assumed HF led to the other conditions, rather than vice versa. Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has any insight. Good luck.

Hi Martinmcleod, i can highly recommend a heart failure suppot charity called pumping marvellous, they also have a Facebook page which is invaluable for advice & support. You can connect with others who have the same conditions & understand what you're going through. It's a closed Facebook group so only people with HF & their carers can join so it's very confidential. My husband has HF & the support has been amazing, please check it out. The charity also attend conventions with cardiologists all over the country, they're very patient oriented and they're your voice at these conventions.

hi thank you for taking the time to give me some advice and sorry to hear about your husbands hf , i will defenitly be taking a look at the pumping marvellous site hopefully i will get some information about my query

kind regards

They also have a website, if you want to check it out first. If they can't answer your enquiry somebody will almost certainly have some useful advice for you. Look forward to seeing you there, take care

I have PSTD due to heart issues. Mine came from have issues at home around a time of a op.

Julie_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi there,

Some really great posts/responses here.

We are not aware of chronic depression or PTSD causing heart failure but there is a type of acute stress that can cause cardiomyopathy (and heart failure) called Takostsubo:

This is a type of heart failure that usually resolves after a period of time/when the acute stressful event is over.

Best wishes to you all,


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Cardiovascular Disease

Copy and paste below and Google search there is lots of stuff in relation to this also let me no what you think thanks

Thank you for this Julie ill have a look at that I'm just waiting on my genetic results then I maybe able to understand why it has happened to me or at least narrow it down

Could your HF be linked to your medications for PTSD and depression?

I’m not sure possibly as my blood test results found no abnormalitys or known mutations

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