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Newbie looking for information & advice

Hello, Im new to this forum but wondered if anyone else on here had any information/experience of CCTGA (congenitally corrected transposition of the great artery) ? Which basically means the bottom of my heart is back to front. I have recently been diagnosed with this along with an enlarged heart plus leaking valve plus hole in the heart. Very little information to date from our overstretched NHS and am currently on a professor of cardiology's pending pile and as yet not on his waiting list, so basically he has not yet looked at my notes & test results from August 2017. So ANY information anyone has would be helpful. I have joined a slimming club as I thought weightless may help but ANY other advise would be great. Many thanks.

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Hi Anna7156, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, that must be a lot to deal with. The BHF has information on heart valve disease and transposition of the great arteries. If you'd like any advice our Heart Helpline has cardiac nurses who can answer your questions:

Really hope this helps Anna, hopefully others on the community will be able to share their experiences too.


Hi Helen_BHF, Thanks so much for your swift reply. I will look on both links and maybe I can find more information. I have contacted our GP today who is surprised I have had no appointment to date and he is tackling it two fold. He says he will contact the hospital departments for the results of my MRI scan and CPET as he has not yet received them next he said he will contact the Cardiology professor personally and hopefully more things along. Fingers crossed.


No problem! I hope it helps. Keep us updated on how things go :)


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