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Travel insurance


I am 57 and was diagnosed with Aortic Regurgitation(leaky valve) about a year ago but probably had it for years. I causes me little or no problems and I lead an active life. Planning a holiday abroad and was just wondering how much detail I need to put on the travel insurance form. Just as above or will I need to attach a G.P./Consultants report?

Thanks in advance anyone who can keep me right.

Cheers, Malcolm

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I would put it on the form and add that you are not receiving further treatment. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur at 16 and eventually had my first AVR at 52. As I was not undergoing any treatment, just regular check ups we always mentioned it but it never made any difference to our premium. I've never been asked to produce any evidence. I would definitely mention it though as you don't want the insurance company to have any excuse not to pay out if you did need to make a claim.


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Thanks Wendy, thats good to know.

No need to bother my GP then.

Thanks again



Insurance companies are not known for being happy to pay out and will look to any 'excuse' to avoid doing so. The fact that you now have a diagnosis of a heart related issue, irrespective of whether or not you have had it for a while, means you will have to declare it otherwise the Insurance company will almost certainly not payout (as you will have withheld pertinent information). If you use one of the comparison sites to get a quote they will ask you to declare existing medical conditions - its pretty straight forward (I've just done this and I had a triple CABG a couple of months ago). Pre prepared for a higher quote than you might have been used to, but I was actually surprised at how small this increase was.


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Thanks Steve,

wouldnt dream of not disclosing it as, like yourself, I know what insurance companies are like. Just wasnt sure it it required some sort of letter from the GP or just a simple declaration.

I'll start trawling the net. Hopefully wont be too expensive.

Thanks again, Malcolm


Hi when I applied through a company called, insurance with.com,they asked me what meds I was on and then gave me a choice with a drop down menu what each tablet could be for , I found that a really easy way of telling them what they had to know , they specialise in heart conditions, I have heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, I also found the cost very competitive, char x

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Thanks Chaz,

I think, from what I can gather, my condition is relatively minor and fairly common. Especially compared to a lot of people on this forum including yourself. I,m not on any medication and still pretty active so I dont think i will have any problem with the insurance.

Thanks again and have a nice Christmas.



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