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worried new sufferer

Hi I have just found out that i have a heart condition CHD after being in hospital for 6 days for tests, I have to have a heart bypass end of Jan beginning of Feb and I am so scared everyone keeps saying to me you will be ok, they know people that have had it done and how well they are doing but it isn't making me feel any better, not at all, not a little bit. I have to have a bypass on one tube and stents put in the other 2 if that is possible. We have heart disease in the family, my mum died of a heart attack, she suffered from angina for years, my eldest sister died of Cardio Myopia and her doctors at Papworth said we all should get it checked, the drs at the hospital said it wasn't genetic, at Papworth they said it was, so we haven't been checked out regular and this makes me angry because it may have been picked up sooner. Im at home now I cant walk far before im out of breath and all this has only come on while i was in hospital before i even got results. I am suppose to be on rest doing nothing exerting or be in stressful situations but that is impossible, i have 2 teenage sons one is absolutely fantastic, the other isn't so much, then on top of that its Christmas I know one of them will help with Christmas dinner etc but the other definitely will not. Then they are going to dads for a few days, Im not suppose to be on my own but i think i will need it. I am still in shock same as everyone i know and have told.

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Hi and welcome! A friend had a triple bypass at Papworth in 2009. After rehab went back to cycling and still does 50 mile rides, and he is 60 soon. You are in good hands.


Hi there,

had triple in April, and I'm fine. It's a bumpy ride, but you will be OK this surgery is done on huge scales nationally. Papworth is where the first heart transplant was done. It's a very good hospital. It is going to be very stressful and there is no way you can avoid the stress, but managing it would help. I think the son is not so helpful needs to face the facts. Try distracting yourself, music reading etc Watch tv anything to keep you busy. Do gentle relaxation techniques.

The surgery itself you won't know anything until you wake up. They will sedate you before hand on the ward.

Things that help is a cough cushion, used to press on your chest as you are encouraged to cough constantly.

I never had to wait for my bypass I was admitted after a heart attack and had bypass within the week. And at first I was terrified, but the alternative doesn't give you much choice without the op you will continue to suffer with problems.

Try and not Google. Many on here have had an operation and most of us have similar concerns etc. However, this forum is very supportive and many others are in similar boat as you.


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