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leaking heart valve - due to old age

I am new to this site , and this is my first post

I am a 70 year old active , still working , male in good health , taking no medication except 75mg asprin each day

I am 6 ft tall approx 72 kgs , good blood pressure and a healthy diet

i have a leaking heart valve - which causes me no problems at all - but my cardiologist recommends i have an echo cardio scan annually

over the last 3 years since I started the scans there has been no deterioration

is this classed as a pre exsiting medical condition for travel insurance purposes ?

do I need to mention it ?

my cardiologist says this occurs in most people with age

any advise would be appreciated

thank you

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I would mention it to the insurance company, mainly because you don't want to give them any excuse not to pay up if anything did happen. However, make sure you give them the fact that in the last three years there has been no deterioration. I've never had a problem with travel insurance and always given them the full details.

Hope this helps.




i was thinking along these lines as well


It is a pre existing condition. I’ve had this for a while then nine started to shutdown so I had a replacement valve surgery. I’m still recovering from it at the moment.


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