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Online cardiologist?

Just interested in peoples views on this guy? I presume it’s ok to name him as he has a strong online presence on Facebook,YouTube etc.. and is keen for people to share his posts. His name is Sanjay Gupta & he’s a cardiologist in York. I am really enjoying his videos where he explains different cardiac conditions really clearly, and gives very general suggestions about things that might help. I would normally run a million miles from something online like this but this guy seems really helpful and very genuine. What are your thoughts?

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Thanks so much for that KimLouise. Have just listened to his Angina video and found it really really useful, in fact brilliant. Will listen again later.



A check shows him to be both well qualified and experienced. I treat the internet with caution as being a long term diabetic have seem rather too much total quackery (some potentially very dangerous) on the web. When I get a suitable gap I will watch the angina one and freport back either way!

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Thanks for your reply Michael. He does sound like a genuinely helpful, caring & knowledgable guy.


I’ve looked at a different one I fink and it helps me to understand my heart condition.


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