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Exercising following a coarctation stent repair

My son is 15 and has CHD, he had a new aortic valve, ascending aorta and root last December, he also had a coarctation of the aorta repaired with a stent. I am very interested to hear from any adolescents or adults about their exercise tolerance. My son is generally well and has no restrictions but he really struggles to run and his fitness does not appear to be improving. He tries to play football at the weekend and only lasts about 10 minutes and complains of aching legs.

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Hi Andrea, sorry to hear of your sons illness. I had a quad bypass last year, generally unfit as you like but now taking a keen interest in getting fitter, go to the gym, miles of walking etc. One thing I still suffer is shortness of breath and tiredness, usually later in the day my stamina is getting better but still that puffing and blowing comes back. My GP believes it's a side effect of both the meds and my lungs getting back to normal. Assuming your son is on medication could this be a contributing factor?

The aching legs, well Stephen Gerrard suffered until he was 21 with his legs, due to growth spurts and his bones not having enough strength to hold his growing physique. Always worth checking with your GP or specialist

Good luck


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Thanks for your comments. It is definitely not medication as he does not take heart meds anymore. I feel it is to more to do with the blood flow through the stent and the difference when exercising.


Then I think a visit to your GP or cardiologist would be wise

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