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An update on from my first post.

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Hi all... This is an update from my first post 13 days ago. I now have my first appointment at the hospital on 11th December which seems an awful long time as I am experiencing some breathlessness and tiredness which I think is worse now than when I went to my GP. I am not sure if it's my mind playing tricks on me or I am getting worse but climbing the stairs is leaving me shattered. My blood pressure is normal I think, 141/65 and pulse 72, and I fall asleep during the day very easily and with minimal exertion (I play bowls once a week) for two hours I am covered in sweat which is becoming quite embarrassing.

I would appreciate some advice on whether I should wait until my appointment or should I go back to my GP? But as I said I'm still not sure whether my mind is telling me my symptoms are worse or they really are, I'm a bit confused so your experiences or advice would be much appreciated.

With kind regards to you all... Jeff.

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I would go back to your GP. At the moment you are stressing yourself out over it and possibly making the symptoms seem worse, but then your symptoms could be worse. Seeing your GP will either put your mind at rest or confirm your symptoms are worse and chase the hospital for an earlier appointment. Hope you get it sorted.


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jefro in reply to Fredders

Thanks for the reply Wendy and after getting it off my chest I realised that an appointment with the GP is on the cards for tomorrow. I'll let you know how I get on.

Hi Jefro

I agree with Wendy, good to hear you have a GP appointment tomorrow.

Good Luck☘️

Dory ❤️💕❣️

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jefro in reply to Ethel13

Hi Dory... I haven't got an appointment yet but I will try as my surgery has a three week wait, but you never know I may be able to charm the receptionist.

Regards... Jeff

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Ethel13 in reply to jefro

Good luck with getting an appointment Jeff, I don’t see why you don’t qualify for one of the set a side urgent appointments. Dory

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skid112Heart Star

Hi jefro, sound advice, go see your GP, could be your meds. I too suffer the dreaded sweats, at the least exertion. Tiredness could be a beta blocker if you are on one

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jefro in reply to skid112

Hi Mark... Thanks for your reply. I am only on meds. for a tiresome but terrible affliction called Restless Legs Syndrome and it's a patch applied daily with the drug Rotigotine which helps to keep RLS at bay. I have read the leaflet that comes with the drug and there is no mention of it causing heart problems.

Regards... Jeff

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