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10wks post op AVR

Hi 👋 last week I boasted about turning the corner, well this week I’ve reversed back round it 😂

Come down with some cold virus bug thing, soar throat, temperature 🤒 but worse of all sneezing 🤧 my sternum feels like it’s been kicked and feels bruised, I’ve pulled the muscles in my lower left back, and it hurts when I breath in deeply, cough or sneeze. Not left the house or my bed for 3days now and I must make the effort to shower and wash my hair tomorrow as I look dreadful and maybe smell too lol 😂

As you can tell I’m feeling really sorry for myself and truly down in the dumps.

I don’t won’t to moan to my poor husband or my family after feeling so great last week, so sorry folks you’ve got it. Promise to make an effort tomorrow

Thanks for letting me moan......

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Hi Kaz, sorry to hear you're having such a bad time. Must admit I'm hoping I don't get a cold or anything after my op, especially as I had to cancel having my flu jab as the hospital didn't want me taking it within two weeks of my op. Sounds like you have every right to moan, it's bad enough having the occasional sneeze or cough, but when it's constant I can imagine the pain. Hope you turn the corner soon and get back on the road to recovery.



Thanks Wendy

Still feel rough today. Stay away

From the public it’s bug season

Oh I do wish people would cover their mouths when coughing, and use a tissue when sneezing 🤧. I very rarely came down with bugs so hope this heart op isn’t going to make me more prone in the future. Stay bug free lol ❤️💕


Hi Kaz,

So sorry to hear you have had a setback due to all the sneezing caused by a cold. It is everyone’s worst nightmare, so difficult to avoid colds and viruses this time of year. As I mentioned in a previous post I have young, adorable but toxic grandchildren so will count myself lucky if I don’t succumb especially as for me a cold leads to a lingering cough, ouch!

It is great that we are able to have a good moan on this forum and receive sympathetic replies; good to be able to share the ups as well as the downs.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sending you a big hug 🤗

Dory ❤️💕❣️


Ahh thank you 😊

I’ve pulled myself together had a shower 🚿 washed my hair

So I smell nicer now lol

Been out for a drive and a short walk with the dog and feel a lot better. Was supposed to be going to a 1st birthday party today , but full of small children so stayed away. Here’s to tomorrow and to feeling goodn. Take care and watch out for bugs 😂 .


Hi Kaz sorry to hear it, suffered the same around the same time in my recovery , feels bad. Hopefully you recover soon take care



Thanks made some effort this afternoon, had a shower got dressed and went for a drive and short walk with the dog.

Its amazing what some fresh air can do. Take care

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Poor you. Keep your chin up, hopefully you'll soon be back on the road to recovery. Take care. x


Thanks feeling a lot better after some fresh air.


It is sore the sneezes.i felt rough today after a sneezing fit..am nearly 7 weeks post op.

It really hurts hey.

I have some orimorph for the sternum pain.dont suffer if you have a bad cold

Get well soon

Jenny x


Hi 👋 feeling better,only sneezed 🤧 once so far today,

Still feel a little bruised, but at least I know my sternum has fused back together ok 😂


Hi Kaz, sorry to hear about the setback and I can certainly empathise about the chest pain on sneezing so a cold must be horrendous. I think one of the functions of this board is that people can moan - hopefully it helps when you can read others experiences that are similar. I hope you are already starting to feel better again and can just chalk this up to another experience you have beaten!



Thanks Steve, made an effort yesterday, showered so I smell sweeter lol went out for a couple of hours, don’t feel to bad today so here’s hoping the bug is leaving, just paranoid about going out in public and picking up another bug, I’ll become one of those people with hand sanitizer in every bag.

Hope you are ok and thanks for reading my moan. Take care.

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