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Hi there everyone hope this finds you all well. I'm 38 years old, two years ago I had a valve replaced (metallic) due to getting endocarditis, one of my other valves was also leaking a little but due to being so ill I just had the one valve replaced. Have had checks and the valve that is leaking a little is not getting any worse, I take daily warfarin and my bloods are and have been all over the place. Anyways of late I have been experiencing irregular heartbeat where my heart randomly beats all over the place, I also get pains in my chest which very mildly creep down my right arm. Is this normal two years after my operation?

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Hia. I'd get this checked with your cardiologist or GP to be on the safe side. Could be your other valve or your replaced one. Or just something like a blood pressure issue.

My partner says the same... check up it is then.

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Agree with Lucybird, I would suggest you get it checked

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