Sporadic Heart Rate post bypass?

I've had fairly constant premature beats since my bypass 8 weeks ago as I've mentioned here. In the last week I've been dealing with bigger thumps and even pain caused by them. I ended up at A&E again today after getting some quite big thumps and pains but as always they focused on whether I was having a heart attack and once they were sure I wasn't I was sent home as always. Since I was discharged from hospital earlier I've had more thumps etc.. One thing I've noticed since I wear my Fitbit charge HR all the time is that my HR seems to shoot from 55-60 to 100 in a few seconds when I start walking! I don't mean rapid walking, I mean standing up and slowly wandering maybe 20 or 30 meters slowly. Anyone else's HR have such rapid And varied rates? I have managed to get a cardiologist appointment for Saturday but I'm not sure what they can do?

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  • Hi ccwh, you sure aren't getting the best of deals. I had similar in hospital post op but nothing like it at home. I was on potassium tablets for a few days, worst pills ever, which sorted out the irregular heartbeat.

  • I had the potassium dissolvable tablets in hospital for about 4 or 5 days as well. Got to be said feeling pretty fed up!

  • Feel your pain, hope the cardiologist can suggest something

  • Hi there - might be worth checking your electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc.) and see if they're all in check. They could also think about starting or increasing beta blockers.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks, I'm asthmatic so not on beta blockers. On diltiazem and ivabradine. Hopefully cardiologist will have some ideas

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