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3 leaded icd defibrillator

Had an icd reading they said the lv lead wasn't working my reading was 3000, they was concerned said I'd probably need a operation and needed to see specialist, well one other nurse said she's bypassed there lv lead by reprogramming it I've seenspecialist and he never mentioned it until I asked all he said it was ok I'm in termoil haven't a clue what is going on, as anybody else experienced this at all

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Hi there Maizi, not had that experience at all, I can well understand why you'd be worried. That said you spoke to the specialist and they didn't seem concerned. Do you have any follow up appointments? Is there a telephone number you can call to follow it up?


Hello skid 12,I've got another appointment to have icd reading in September, I'm just worried one tells me one thing someone else tells me another thing they asked me if I had a fall to have caused this and I haven't, they arranged for me to see specialist but he never spoke about theicd I had to bring it up, I felt as though I was fobbed off, I feel as though the icd is not working properly now and now I'm having panic attacks because of it nobody is explaining to me what this means or why it's not working ,I just wanted to know if other people have had lead problems. I'm considering going private to get checked out, thank you for your reply, regards maizi


Hi maizi, what I have and many on here do is write down a list of questions to ask, it's all to easy to forget when you are in front if a specialist what you wanted to cover. In your case I would certainly be pressing over those results. I can understand your panic attacks, but, if I were you I'd take some faith that you haven't been admitted instantly and try and concentrate in that when those feelings overwhelm you.


Hello skid thank you for your help I'll certainly write questions down for my next visit to the measuring unit .with regards maizi, hope all is well with your health

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Most welcome, glad to be of some assistance take care


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