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Hope for all !

As previously posted, two heart attacks, 2004 and 2007, 11 stents in total. Well I saw my Cardiologist on Monday for the first time in 3 years with all my latest blood and fitness stats and he said if I carry on the way that I am I may not ever need that bypass as originally thought when all this started. I cannot tell you what that feels like, because if there is one theme that runs through all the posts on here it is the over whelming feelings we all have caused by the enormity of facing the fact that any problem with our hearts are serious. Well, tempting fate I maybe, but to everyone coming to terms with their new lives post diagnosis there really is hope for us all. It does work if you work it.

Sorry to be so dramatic. God Bless everyone.

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Wow legoman, so pleased for you, we all need hope but in dark times sometimes it is hard to hang on to, good on you!


Great news for you!! :)


That's very good news and great to see.


Fantastic. You're clearly getting the best out of it. I've had a v similar history, and took to exercising a lot. Over a year or so, Cons said my uneffected heart muscle had become measurably fitter and more efficient.

Amazing how following advice seems to help!

Good on you.


Great news indeed Legoman. Not that you seem to need any more motivation but your story gives it to the rest of us. Well done mate. I can only imagine how good it must feel.


Thank all you guys for your well wishes. Appreciated.


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