Heart failure and possible chd

Hi I am Jane, 64 years old and have been told I have sinus bradycardia and left ventricular dysfunction. I am having a nuclear perfusion stress test on 11th July 2017 and a resting test on 13th July to check for CHD. I had the same stress test done 7 years ago and my coronary arteries were clear.

Now I have been diagnosed with heart failure I am concerned about this test as it carries a small risk of heart attack. Any advice please

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  • When you say stress test do you mean treadmill ... ♥️

  • Thank you for replying

    No it's an echocardiogram test where they introduce a drug to make the heart work harder while they take readings, then I have another one two days later where they do similar but the heart is at rest. Last time I was told my heart had done the equivalent of a 25 mile marathon and my arteries were fine. I think they said they had an antidote ready if the procedure started a heart attack but that's 7 years ago.

  • I think if you have any worries you should talk it over with your cardiologist... hope all goes well... ♥️

  • Thank you. Have just read your profile and you have had so much bad luck, I do hope things improve for you too

  • Hi...sorry to hear of your problems...As most have said, you should discuss your concerns with a doctor but I had this test about 4 weeks ago...there were two nurses on hand and although I found the stress test difficult in as much as the tightness in the chest, heavy limbs and heavy difficult breathing, I was monitored both medically and verbally as I went through it....it's surprising how much your heart can actually take, so, discuss with the doctors but try to have faith that your going to be fine and it's necessary. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks, it's good to have more details of what to expect. I was going to drive there and back on my own on Tuesday, but reading how yours went I think I'll take the bus and get a taxi home. Like you I find waiting for the results such a pain. This has been going on since January, and you just want answers don't you. Hope they get you sorted soon and keep posting; I am so pleased to have found this site so I will too. Take care

  • You may not have the same symptoms but you will be monitored very closely...I was going to drive myself, fortunately one of my Sons insisted on coming with me, which for the stress test was really helpful as I was not mentally prepared, again, but I'm sure you will be fine. Your right, I'm still waiting for my results...this is what I find really hard, but I'm grateful we have such tests.

  • Was your test on the treadmill or chemically induced? I had chemical induction before as LBBB makes bad ecg readings?

  • Yes it was chemical induced...no way could I have walked let alone run for that long! Lol

  • I'm still laughing - I hadn't thought of that - I used to walk 6 miles a day with my dog now struggle to get to local shop just around the corner! Hey ho what are we like!

  • I also have Heart Failure ( moderate ) The MPS ( Myocardial Profusion Scan ) is I believe the next best test to an Angiogram without the need for intervention.

    Personally I found the test OK, the leaflet I received from the Nuclear Medicine Department gave all the details etc on no caffeine before the stress part of the test, and that I would need to be driven home from the Hospital. Don't worry you are monitored all the time the test is being carried out, I have also had an MI and by pass surgery so feel partly experienced to say don't worry lol. After the MPS I was called back for a Angiogram the MPS showed my arteries working fine, only that I had mild to moderate Ischaemia in the apical inferior wall that has a mild residual fixed defect that appears viable !!! oh and the MPS also showed moderate ischaemia in the mid infero-septum. and finally the LV systolic function appears moderately impaired. EF was 37%

    All that didn't mean a lot to me either, but after the angiogram I have had a new tablet Carmil XL 60 mg which has improved my Breathing so I believe that may show my short of breath may be coming from Angina rather than Heart Failure. The Carmil XL tablets do give me a sore head around the Temple area which I just about tolerate, like ever thing else these things are a trade off

    I do have a Occluded Right Coronary Artery which wasn't suitable for grafting during the By Pass operation, but this may be opened using stents this is described as an CTO PCI on the notes I have seen. I now know from the angiogram that it is technically possible to open the artery just weighing up would it be worth the effort !!!


    Pepsi aka Frank

  • Thanks for messaging me, I am now being collected after stress test and am feeling a lot happier after hearing from you and others that it's nothing to stress about lol! Poor joke I know! This is a brilliant site, so glad I got my BHF invite. Good luck to you on your health journey.

  • I never had either of these tests as I had already had a heart attack.

  • Hi Twobells thanks for replying. I think this site is wonderful. I know you can't advise me but perhaps I can offer you a positive story. If you read my profile you will read my brother's CHD history. What I didn't add was that he ran his business for another 10 years, renovated a derelict cottage, spent spare time offshore sailing and has just laid a new conservatory floor at the age of 72. He got a second chance, like you, and is still tilting at windmills. Look forward to all the things you will be able to do, once you are recovered from this operation, and enjoy your second chance 🙂

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