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Hi everyone,I hope you are all doing good,hope your conditions are improved or even gone,hope the treatments you are having are sucessfull.

I hope that my post isn't boring or even worse pretentious or misunderstood.since my last post last year,my condition Ppps has improved a lot and this winter I've only got mild flaking of my heels and nothing on my hands(touch wood).so compared to last year I can say I don't even notice the flaking of the heels which hopefully when Sumer is here and I wear flip flops they will be gone too.last Sumer the Ppps went away totally,until December when the heels started to flake(but as I sad earlier very mildly).i am mentioning this because the only treatment I've been using all this time is Eucerin 10% urea cream for my feet,Panthenol cream for hands and Eucerin calming urea shampoo for my scalp(forgot to mention that scalp condition is also in remission).

I hope everyone finds what works for them and that your conditions improve,since we all know that there is no cure but only managing and remissions.And I believe that good results are good to share,same as worries and hardships.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone x

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