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How GOOD are nurse practitioners in GPs surgeries

How GOOD are nurse practitioners in GPs surgeries

Today i went to see a new nurse practitioners at my GPs surgary.

Was quite shocked as i wanted to see a doctor SO thought i would give it ago SEE how good and on the BALL she was.

Anyway i walked in after waiting ten mins AND said i had a LUMP i told HER i was worried.

Anyway she said dont be INBARISED i said i got over that long time ago THEN she told me to drop my pants SHOCKED i was.


Especily as lump was on my head :o

Anyway point of story was is she was very KEEN tourer PERHASP even better than my regular GP.

Or am i being bias :)

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Well now .... I couldn't view the medscape article without joining so I'm none the wiser. But what I want to know is: did she get around to examining the lump on your head?

Seriously, I think some nurses are very good, depends on their experience and their specific role. Very often the communication skills are that bit better than those of doctors who may, arguably, be more pushed for time.


Hi cheers yer she was very good .. I have few other issues i think thats why i have to see her.

AS like you say did have more time than i would with my own GP Doctor

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Hello Hidden,

What is a tourer? Is that a British term?

I'll just sign myself as


Yes, NP's can be great!


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