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Discrimination or policy?

I work as a job coach for special needs individuals. Last year my supervisor informed me that I could not wear "form fitted pants" (leggings, tight pants or yoga pants) because it was distracting the participants. Defensively I asked why she could wear them. She claimed that was because she/herself was pregnant and they had a policy allowing it. Supervisor is no longer pregnant and is still continuing to wear leggings daily along with other fellow employees while I wear baggy pants. These fellow employees are plus sizes and tend to wear baggy shirts over the leggings. Should that be a reasonable factor?

Or should I be offended by wearing the clothes I was discriminated against? I am a size small-medium, do I have to consider repercussions for wearing a baggy shirt or my normal size shirts and leggings? Please help, I've been struggling with this for a year and I can't help but think I'm being put in an uncomfortable work environment.

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I want to help but I'm confused. So they are wearing baggy shirts and leggings, I think I understand that much. And you are also wearing a baggy shirt and leggings or you're saying you want to wear a tight shirt and leggings?