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Stomach & such issues

Not even sure how to accept all these stomach issues going on (if it's not one thing it's something else)...I go see an Gastroenterologist's nurse for a consult on Jan. 5, 2017 (if not earlier--hopefully & prayfully)...know my stomach is trying to shut down (don't poop until it's ready to fall out & stomach mega swollen); have had H-pylori twice this year (if again gonna be in the hospital to admin. all meds. by IV), (if I happen to throw up it looks like coffee beans), but just this past week I found out something is pushing my bladder down (making it harder to pee with mega burning pain) & the OB/GYN that found my bladder falling said I needed to get in touch with the stomach doctor to let them know & hopefully get seen sooner-------I have doctor trust issues so it's even harder to believe, understand & accept..............................3 years ago I got told I have COPD with Emph & asbos...(the doctor can't use the word Cancer, because I can't use the dye for the CATScan & he can't fully see how bad my lungs are other than there is fluid inside, outside & pushing down my heart)...Just got done having Cataract surgery (which my left eye took an additional month to get over an infection & most pressure in the left eye (right went real good)...yes I'm easy for infections-immune system heart is spitting out PVC' on a under 500mg sodium diet daily & still mega swelling in feet up to the knees....major migraines, nerve damage in left arm which will begin neck shots for the migraines & nerve damage (still have questions on that), yes, will be totally knocked out for the double shots...........................gonna stop for the moment feel this may already too much

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Hi Terri, that's pretty shocking what your having to cope with. I'm so sorry your having all that going on.i presume they can only X-ray your lungs then? Why can't you have an MRI scan instead? Have you ever looked into seeing a homeopath? Just to perhaps see if there are any alternative treatments available that may help you ?


Angep, can do the MRI without the dye (doesn't show any more than a CATScan)...Have never thought of homeopath (mega, mega allergies to all different things, so unsure) you have any idea's about what kinds of things???


Hi Terri, the lady I saw practiced kinesiology. They have there own way of testing you using some of your muscles and some other things. She told me I was none celiac gluten sensitive and that was causing the inflammation in my bowel.depending on what they find depends on how they can help you. They treat you through diet and supplements. It's not cheap but the thought of my future being filled with lots more surgery fills me with dread. That's why I'm trying to help myself too.doctors don't believe IBD is caused by diet. I've been told to eat what I want by them!!its a personal choice of course.she also said that gluten can also affect your brain!! Migraines, dizzinesss. I then told her my brother has diverticulitis and just had a brain scan as he's getting migraines and going dizzy and can no longer drive. I have 3 other family members with Crohn's and 2 more with other symptoms related to the condition. She said we carry the gene and said she was 99.9 per cent sure we would all have the same sensitivity!!! Anyway I know you have lots of things going on with your health so I just thought it may be of interest to you 😀


Have a new Gastro. Doctor; (course he wants to begin all over to find out whats going on: supposedly he would of liked to have had these tests ran over 34 months ago when things were beginning; so finally got in & seen the NP last Friday 1-6-2017 and whatever this new CATScan showed on 1-4-2017 (I don't even have the time to do the 2-3 week liquids only before the Endo & Colon test from last time), they put me on 2 gal. of the generic Golightly, 2 bottles of mag. 2-1/2 days of all liquids & 2 days of the Miralax...and Tuesday 1-10-2017 (the doctor will do a biop for the Hy-Pylori & many other things----on top of it I've now got blood in my pee & blood sugar keeps dropping all the time...So right now my thought is just one day at a time....Hope things are going good with ya'll


Update: Colon & Endo went good at least no H-pylori.......

As far as the blood in my pee after beginning to see the Urologist & doing 2 of the tests where they put the tube in you and look into the bladder...there is something in the bladder (wow looks freaky & weird) so on 1-30-2017 I go for post op tests of blood work, chest x-ray & EKG and then on 2-1-2017 I go in to have the thing on my bladder biopsy and checking for the cancer in my bladder & any others cause he can get a better look inside my bladder while I'm out...Then while I'm still out he is trying to find out if he can use the scope to go into my kidneys (because I can't do the dye he's hoping he can do the scope to see & hopefully see what is actually causing my kidneys to shut down-stop working)....

On 2-20-2017 I have the low dose cancer scan to be done...then on 2-27-2017 I see my lung specialist for the results of the low dose cancer scan......

So hoping everything will get into order so I know what I'm looking at & what I've got to do....(feeling of the OCD hitting real bad because all this medical seems out of control, the doctor's are not on the same pages, & the trust issues make things even worse)-----I just need everything together so I know what I'm doing & dealing with...don't like this feeling of everything not being in order, not knowing what I should be doing & what I'm actually dealing with-especially medically & emotionally (because I feel like I'm losing control of myself & it doesn't feel good at all.....

In my eye this stupid diet of staying under 500mg of sodium per day is really driving me up a wall....know it does work, because then there is no swelling in my feet, going up my legs, or even the swelling in my hands or eye lids.....but it's so hard at times.......and now the Urologist is talking about adding to the low sodium diet for the diet dealing kidney/bladder issues...just gonna be a wait & see what happens.......