Prolapsed bowel 2 yrs after first op constipation

Hi, I am an 81 year old lady,had a keyhole bowel repair a couple of years ago, followed by a hernia op on the porthole.

Although I am perfectly mobile and go nearly every day I suffer seriously with very very slow evacuation (not diarrea) but chronic constipation and my bowel falls out several times a day when I Evacuate all through the day sometimes. MY sphincter is not very tight any more, so far no accidents , but very uncomfortable and not much muscle strength at all.

I am otherwise fairly healthy, I do have reflux and find eating difficult as I am never very hungry, but always have plenty of veg each day. I have gallbladder full of gallstones, but only occasion abuse pain..consultant was happy to lea e that for now.. I drink plenty of water through the day..

MEdication Levothyroxine 25mg Omaprazole and Simvastatin

FOrmthe bowel I have been taking Senn ducusage, fibrogel and lately tried to cut down on these and change to suppositories, it this helps me go (no diarrrea) but if think the problem is much higher up my inside is so slow and gas in uncontrollable because of ths sphinxter looseness.. I don't know what to do to get things sorted.

I am not depressed I live in my own retirement flat and luckily not lonely..I am trying to sort myself out, seems so simple but I can't overcome it..over the last few years endoscopes and ct scan seemed to be better..should I ask for,another one now..I say to my dr, I don't know if I am in denial or a hypochondriac and she assures me I am not, I don't go more than once or twice a year as I don't like to bother them as otherwise I feel well but I can't go visit or coach trips etc because on bad day I can be on the toilet all through the day, having this slow evacuation problem.. and I can accept that fine.

Any advice would be of great interest thank you

HAther 😊👍

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  • Hello Hather, that's a bit of a nightmare for you isn't it!! You should go back to the doctor because what they've given you isn't working and that can affect your quality of life for sure. I mean if you want to go out and need the toilet all the time. You should ask if a scan would help to see if there is anything they can do to help 👍😀

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